Curling your lashes and applying several coats of mascara can help make your eyes look bigger.

How to Look Like You Have Big Eyes

by Jennifer Blair

When it comes to making a first impression, your eyes can make or break your look. Small, tired eyes can make you look worn and older than your years, while big, bright eyes make you appear alert, focused and more youthful. If you weren't born with large eyes, there's no reason to fret. With the right makeup tricks and tools, you can make your eyes look big and beautiful no matter how small they are.

Choose the Right Shadow

Choosing the right eye shadow colors can help make your eyes look bigger. If you use dark shades all over your eye, you can make them appear smaller. Instead, choose a light shimmery shade such as ivory, peach, gold or pink for your lids to help brighten and draw attention to your eyes by reflecting the light. Save darker, matte shadows in shades such as brown and gray to add definition to your eyes in the crease.

Cut Back on Liner

Eye liner comes in handy when you want to define your eyes and make your lashes appear thicker. However, lining all the way around, particularly with a harsh black liner, can make them appear smaller. Don’t go too thick with the liner either. Instead, start your liner approximately three-quarters of the way in, keeping it close to the lashes. By leaving the inner corner free of dark liner, you’ll make your eyes look larger and more open. Finish off with a wing tip of liner; it, too, will help open up your eyes. You may also want to swap your traditional black liner for a deep navy blue instead. The blue tones help the whites of your eyes look brighter, so they look a little bit bigger.

Brighten Inner Corner

Although the inner corners of your eyes should be liner free, don't leave them makeup free. Brightening the area around your tear duct can help give you a more wide-awake look. Use a small pencil-type brush to apply a pale shimmery eye shadow in white, gold or ivory to the inner corner of your eye. You can also use an eyeliner pencil in a similar shade and blend it out slightly with your finger.

Play Up Lashes

Lashes are key when you want your eyes to look big and flirty. It may seem minor, but curling your lashes with an eyelash curler can help open up your eyes, even if you’re not wearing mascara. However, to make your eyes look their widest and brightest, load up on mascara by applying several coats. Apply your first layer of mascara and allow it to dry; then apply a second coat to add volume. If the mascara clumps up, use a clean spoolie brush to comb through and separate your lashes once the mascara is dry.

Go Nude

When you really want a big, bright-eyed look, a nude-colored eyeliner pencil is your secret weapon. Apply a nude- or skin tone-colored liner to the inner rim of your lower eyelid -- the waterline. This helps widen and brighten your eyes for a doll-like effect. You can use a white eyeliner pencil for a similar look, but white can appear harsh, particularly on darker skin, so save it for more dramatic looks.

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