Angel curls work well on layered hair like Annalynne McCord's.

How to Do Loose Wand Curls

by Sasha Kash

Loose curls, often called beachy curls or waves, are a soft, flattering hairstyle. They look effortless, but getting these curls requires using a loose curling wand properly -- a fashion tool that can be intimidating. With a few easy steps and some patience, you can learn to use a loose wand the right way and get curls at home.

Prepare Your Hair

Spray heat protectant on clean, dry, straight hair. Brush thoroughly to get rid of tangles.

Section off a portion of your hair no more than 2 inches thick. It is best to start at the nape of your neck with a section across the back from ear to ear.

Pin the rest of your hair back using clips.

Using Your Wand

Plug in the wand. It's recommended that you read the instruction manual that came with your wand beforehand to make sure you're operating it properly. Start at the lowest temperature setting. If you find that your hair needs more heat to hold the curls, you can increase the temperature later.

Put the glove on to protect your hand from the heat of the wand. If you don't want to use a glove, be careful not to touch the barrel of the wand with your bare hand. The wand should be held in a vertical position, facing down. Take the small section of hair and wrap it around your wand, away from your face. Hold for 10-20 seconds and let go of the hair.

Repeat with the remaining sections. Curl small pieces of hair and take your time.

Setting the Curls

Let the curls cool completely before running your fingers through them. This will give you a softer, natural look.

Set the look with hairspray.

If you want to smooth out the ends of your hair, you can use a flat iron. This will add an even shine to your look.

Items you will need

  • Hair brush
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Clips to section off hair
  • Wand curling iron (The bigger the barrel, the bigger the curls. 1-2 inch barrel is best for loose curls)
  • Heat-resistant hair glove to protect your hand from getting burned (optional)
  • Hairspray


  • Don't wrap the ends of your hair around the barrel. You can use a flat iron on your ends to smooth them out afterward.


  • Do not curl wet or damp hair, this could cause damage to your tresses.

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