Pushups work the muscles behind your breasts, but not your breasts.

How to Get Lopsided Breasts to Grow Evenly

by MiShaun Taylor

Most women notice every single thing that is wrong with their bodies. If you've noticed that your breasts are lopsided, you're definitely not the only woman. There are several things you should know if you're wondering how to get lopsided breasts to grow evenly.

Recognize that you are not alone. Most women have lopsided breasts, although some are not noticeably lopsided. In fact, most things on every body are lopsided--from different-sized ears and feet to different lengths in arms and legs. These things are barely noticeable, and most likely your breasts being lopsided are barely noticeable as well. Ask your significant other or a trusted friend whether your breasts look lopsided to them...and believe what they say.

Consider hormones to help make your breasts grow. The only thing that can make breasts grow is hormones. You may find products that promise to teach you exercises or techniques that will help you even out your breasts, but the truth is that you can't exercise your breasts and make them grow. You can exercise your pectoral muscles (the muscles beneath the breast tissue) and make your breasts seem bigger, but the actual breasts are still the same size. If you have the means to visit your doctor and ask about hormones, do so. However, the chances that you will get one breast to grow in order to even out the sizes of both breasts are very slim.

Use breast growth pills. These are typically herbal pills that companies claim can help your breasts grow. The truth is that only hormones can make those breasts grow. There is a substance in some herbs called phytoestrogens, which is similar to female hormones. This may have an effect on the body similar to hormones. However, in such small amounts, this substance is unlikely to have an effect on breasts. Beware of taking any sort of herbal supplement unless you speak with your physician first. Herbs can interact with any prescription medications you may be taking--and this can be tragic if the herb and chemicals don't mix well together.

Use breast implants. Another option for women who have severely lopsided breasts is breast implants. With surgery, your doctor can make the appearance of your breasts more similar so that there is no noticeable difference between the two. If the appearance of your breasts upsets you so badly that your self-esteem is suffering, you may want to consider this option. Speak with a cosmetic surgeon in order to learn your options.

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