Open the blade case and empty the hair every three to four uses to keep the machine working properly.

How to Lubricate an Electric Razor

by Mimi Bullock

Electric razors whisk away the hair, but the inner workings of this handy tool need lubricating regularly. Keeping your razor clean prolongs its life. Even self-cleaning units may require oiling to keep the heads moving smoothly. When blades operate sluggishly, your skin may feel hot and patches of hair could be left behind. Keep your shaving session pain-free with a clean, lubricated electric razor.

Read the product manual to find where the oil should be applied and what type. Most units need lubrication on the surface of the screen and the cutter. Remove the protective case on the razor heads to access this area.

Brush the heads clean with a razor brush tool. This small tool has an angled arm and multiple bristles on the tip. Many electric razors come with a razor brush tool. Wipe away all the hair from the heads.

Spray the heads of the electric razor with an aerosol lubricant or the product recommended by the manufacturer. You should apply the oil sparingly; a little goes a long way. You do not need to wipe away any excess on the heads. Do wipe down the handle.

Turn the razor on and allow the motor to run for 30 seconds. You may notice the motor running faster. This indicates the oil has worked through the unit and the cutter is moving at maximum speed.

Items you will need

  • Electric shaver brush tool
  • Aerosol oil
  • Cloth


  • Avoid handling and tearing the foil inside the razor.

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