Your child might enjoy the many activities she can do with Photo Booth.

Mac Photobooth Activities for Kids

by Kathryn Hatter

Armed with a camera function on a computer, kids often devise engaging activities that expand creativity and imagination. With Mac Photo Booth, kids have a powerful, yet simple, application that enables both still and short video photography on the computer. Youngsters may even surprise themselves with the original and inventive photos they are able to create.

Photo Journal

With Mac Photo Booth and Pages word-processing programs, kids have the tools necessary to compile a photo journal on a computer. Photo Booth takes self-portraits of the user or pictures of virtually anything else. Once kids have snapped images, they can drag the pictures over to the Pages program for inclusion in a journal entry. With a few paragraphs of text entered in Pages, a child can complete a fun and creative photo journal entry.

Showing a Story

Turn kids loose with Photo Booth and let them film their very own video story. In its simplest form, the video footage will feature your child telling a story. With a little planning and organization, your child can create an engaging story line complete with props, characters and scenery. Your child might even film a puppet show with Photo Booth.

Switching Out Backdrops

Have some fun with the various backdrops built into Photo Booth. Show your child how to navigate through the various special effects and backdrops available in the program by clicking the different options. Once your child selects a backdrop, have her sit still for the required three-second count down and the program will take a picture of her in outer space or visiting the Eiffel Tower, to name a few, according to the Apple website. Print out the photos to hang on the refrigerator or send to family members.

An Email Pen Pal

An email pen pal can be both educational and enjoyable for a youngster. Whether the pen pal is an extended family member, an old friend or a special pen pal provided through an educational resource, your child might enjoy attaching photos to the email messages he sends. Supervise your child to ensure he takes an appropriate photograph. After taking a funny, funky or completely serious picture of himself in Photo Booth, show him how to export the photo to an email message. With the completion of the message, send the pen pal an engaging and personal email that will show off your child’s individual personality.

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