A shrub near a birdbath gives birds more room to perch.

How to Make a Birdbath Drip System

by Amie Taylor

A birdbath provides a fun way for the entire family to observe the behavior of birds that visit the yard to splash around and refresh themselves. While it might seem that all you need to do to attract birds to your birdbath is set it up and fill it with water, that isn't always true. If you notice that birds aren't flocking to your birdbath, you can make a birdbath drip system from simple materials and attract birds with the sound of constantly dripping water.

Insert the shepherd's hook into the ground near the birdbath. Position the hook so that the hanger is directly over the water's surface in the birdbath.

Locate a plastic container with a removable lid that's able to hold water. A milk jug, juice bottle or 1- or 2-liter soda bottle are all viable options.

Poke one or two holes into the bottom of the plastic container with a safety pin. Use only the point of the pin to avoid creating a hole that's too large and allows water to flow too quickly. Poke another hole or two at the top of the jug to create a way for air to enter the container and allow water to drip from the bottom.

Pierce the neck of the container with an icepick, placing one hole on either side. Unbend a wire hanger, and thread it through the holes. Twist the hanger back together so it forms a closed loop.

Fill the jug with water, and hang it from the shepherd's hook. Observe the flow of water to ensure that it's a drip and not a steady stream.

Items you will need

  • Shepherd's hook
  • Plastic jug with removable lid
  • Safety pin
  • Icepick
  • Wire hanger


  • Paint the jug with acrylic paints to create a pretty addition to the landscape.


  • Avoid letting the drip bottle run dry. Check it every day to see if it needs refilling.

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