Jeans and a shirt that your child already owns are a good place to start.

How to Make Boutique Kids Clothing

by Daisy Peasblossom Fernchild

Imagine you are walking through a large mall, filled with clothing stores. You see a pair of jeans in one of the windows that would be absolutely adorable on your child, especially with the matching spangles on the top and the jean pockets. But when you walk into the store and look at the price tag, you know that it will never fit into your budget. Instead, breathe new life into garments and footwear your child already owns and come up with some one-of-a-kind pieces. This is your time to become a creative parent and make boutique kids' clothing on the cheap!

Look through your child's closet for clothing that fits well, or maybe has just a little bit of growing room left. You could even transfer outgrown clothing from an older child to a younger one. Look for worn spots, buttons about to come off and any other mending that needs to happen before you begin to give the clothing a face lift. Jeans are great for this because they are usually sturdy enough to last.

Pin large patches or strategically place iron-on patterns over wear spots to disguise them. Add more patches or decoration to make the disguise patches look as if they are planned. Glue sparkly faux gems or stitch strips of sequins to hems, pocket edges and waist bands. You could even make a flouncy netting skirt to wear over the jeans, and adorn the bottom edges of the netting with sparkly fabric glitter glue.

Dress up T-shirts with added collars, iron-on art work from favorite movies or even bits of lace. Turn them into uniforms from Star Wars or Star Trek with judiciously added decorations. Add braids, lace, ruffles or whatever appeals to your child. Add a bit of bling to button-down shirts by replacing missing buttons with bright cartoon characters or bold, pirate buttons. You can refresh a blouse by removing sleeves and adding sheer fabric sleeves.

Add new inner soles to shoes for comfort. Replace worn shoelaces with brightly colored laces. Glue on rows of sparkles or draw on them using puff paint or glitter glue. A tired pair of plain tennies can become an admired conversation piece. More than that, decorate them to match tops or bottoms, in keeping with the new theme. String poms or other decorations on the laces for even more decoration.

Items you will need

  • Rhinestones
  • Fabric paint
  • Strings of sequins
  • Patches
  • Iron-on transfers


  • If you are new to sewing, select a simple outfit for the first time you make boutique clothing.


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