Use wire craft ribbon for a sturdy bow.

How to Make Bows to Hang Photos

by Heather Montgomery

While photos are a functional way to display your family and other meaningful parts of your life, a wall full of plain picture frames hung with the hardware on the back of the frame can be boring and uninteresting. If you are looking for a way to add a feminine flair to your nursery or room décor, hanging photos using ribbon and bows might be the right choice. Learning how to tie the perfect bow is time-consuming and could be frustrating. However, it's possible to make a faux bow that you will be proud to display in your nursery or room.

Cut two pieces of wire craft ribbon the length of the finished width of your bow. For example, if you want each bow to be six inches wide, cut two 6-inch pieces of wire craft ribbon.

Fold one piece of craft ribbon in half, wrong sides together, and staple. Repeat for the other piece of craft ribbon. Join the two pieces of craft ribbon together at the stapled ends, pinch the ribbon in half, and staple in place, to make the bow.

Cut a 2-inch piece of craft ribbon; place the ribbon, right side down, on a flat surface. Set the bow with the pinched middle onto the craft ribbon. Wrap the 2-inch piece of ribbon around the center of the bow and staple the ends together, as close to the pinched middle of the bow as possible, to make the center of the bow. Add a dab of hot glue in between the center of this loop and the larger bow to secure it in place.

Determine how high above the picture frame you want the bow to sit and cut a piece of craft ribbon double that length. For example, if you want the bow to hang 5 inches above the frame, cut a 10-inch piece of craft ribbon for the tail piece. Find the center of the tail piece and pinch in the middle, securing it with a staple.

Attach the tail piece to the bow with a dab of hot glue, joining the stapled center of the tail and the back of the bow center piece.

Attach a length of picture-hanging wire the same length as your tail piece to the frame following the picture-hanging kit directions. Because the bow you are making may not be strong enough to hold the picture, using picture-hanging wire will keep the frame from falling off your wall.

Thread a piece of craft wire in between the center loop and the bow and tie the craft wire to the picture frame wire to secure the bow in place.

Arrange the tail pieces of the bow so they cover the picture hanging wire and glue the end of each tail piece to the back of the frame. Fluff the bow and hang on your wall.

Items you will need

  • Wire craft ribbon 1 to 2 inches in width
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Picture-hanging wire
  • Craft wire


  • Choose a ribbon color that accentuates the other colors in the room.


  • Never leave or use a hot glue gun where a child can reach it.

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