A deflated basketball serves as base for a sports-themed centerpiece.

How to Make a Centerpiece Out of a Basketball

by Kathy Adams

If you're having a party or special meal for someone who enjoys basketball -- basketball -- and even more basketball -- then transferring that theme into handmade decor is right on target. A basketball serves as the main structure for an unusual but durable centerpiece for the table. If a standard basketball seems a bit too large for a centerpiece for the table you have in mind, a smaller toy basketball is a viable option that still leaves ample space for dining and gathering around.

Deflate a still-inflated basketball by inserting a needle from an air pump into the rubber air intake valve. You do not need the pump.

Push gently and wiggle the needle until air escapes the basketball. Press down on one portion of the basketball until all the air escapes and the basketball has formed a bowl shape.

Place a piece of floral foam into the basketball bowl. The foam should fit within the basketball without sticking up above the edges. Trim the floral foam down, if necessary, using a utility knife or bread knife, cutting a slice off it to make it shorter.

Push assorted live or artificial flowers, stem-end-down, into the floral foam until the arrangement looks full and lush. Cover the areas atop the floral foam with sphagnum moss, arranging it so the entire open surface of the basketball is covered and looks like a mossy landscape.

Set a shallow sauce dish in the center of the table to hold the basketball flower bowl in place. Set the basketball bowl atop the dish.

Items you will need

  • Clean basketball
  • Air pump inflation needle
  • Floral foam
  • Utility knife or bread knife
  • Assorted cut or artificial flowers
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Small sauce or dip dish


  • To keep cut flowers fresh for many hours or even several days, place them in individual floral water vials before pressing them into the foam. These vials are available from some craft stores and florists.
  • For a basketball-themed tablecloth, spread a white or light-colored tablecloth out on the floor, then apply painter's tape in lines and circles to recreate the look of a basketball court.
  • For a centerpiece more fitting for a child's party, use helium basketball- or sports-themed balloons tied to ribbons in place of flowers and moss. Flip the basketball over to form a dome. Tape the ends of the balloon ribbons to the hollow underside of the basketball dome.

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