A small chalkboard can keep your kiddo engaged for hours.

How to Make a Chalkboard Frame for Kids

by Victoria Georgoff

Kids love drawing with chalk. The interesting texture and the magical way it disappears into dust with just a few swipes will mesmerize your tot and keep him reaching for the chalk again and again. You can help your kiddo design a chalkboard of his very own -- this portable version of a school room staple isn’t just for the classroom anymore.

Protect your work space with newspapers or a plastic drop cloth.

Remove glass, any artwork and frame backing and spray paint the frame if you would like it to be a special color.

Paint the backing that came in the frame with white primer, using a small paint brush or smooth roller; let it dry completely. If the backboard of the frame is too rough or does not paint well, you can substitute a thin piece of MDF for the backboard.

Paint the primed backboard with chalkboard paint and allow to dry completely. Use a roller for smooth application, or use a can of chalkboard spray paint for easy application.

Replace the now painted board in the frame, leaving the glass out.

Apply a thin bead of wood glue around the inner ledge of the frame and secure the backboard into the frame. Once the glue is completely dry, you can break out the colored chalk and begin doodling with your child.

Items you will need

  • Picture frame
  • Newspapers or plastic drop cloth
  • Spray paint
  • Primer
  • Paint brush
  • Smooth paint roller
  • Paint tray
  • MDF (optional)
  • Chalkboard paint or chalkboard spray paint, 1 can


  • If you need to use MDF, have your hardware store cut it to size for you.
  • Want to create a larger chalkboard for your child? Spray or paint the chalkboard paint directly on the wall. You can paint an entire wall for endless chalkboard fun, or just a small section. Add trim board around the painted section to frame it out and give it a true chalkboard look, or just leave it plain.
  • Try making frames of different sizes; a 4 x 6 frame makes an excellent doodle board for road trips or busy bags.
  • Hate chalkboard dust? Substitute white board paint for chalkboard paint in this project.


  • If you choose to use spray paint, do so outdoors, wear a mask and goggles and have your child stand back to protect him from fumes.

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