Value your children, and they will value you.

How to Make Your Children More Family Oriented

by Barbie Carpenter

Busy schedules and daily stresses can impact quality family time, which might leave your children looking for support, friendship and advice outside of your home. On the other hand, quality time with parents and siblings can create family-oriented kids. By creating a supportive, communicative family environment, you can teach your children the value of family.

Instill a sense of loyalty in your children. When your family faces tough times, show your familial support. If your child is going through a rough patch with his friend, offer to talk to the friend's parents to support him. When a family member faces a personal crisis, gather together to show your love and support. This unwavering support can build your children's loyalty to the family, according to Advocates for Youth.

Build trust and unity with your children. Set aside time every week for your family to spend time together, whether you're attending a minor league baseball game, going to church or working on the backyard garden. Quality family time can build your kids' trust in your relationship, which can enhance their commitment to your family.

Listen to your children. Show them the benefit of having supportive and communicative parents by being there to listen to their complaints and answer their questions. explains that your children will develop a sense of value and feel loved when you are there to listen to them.

Make family fun. Schedule a weekly family fun night, whether you let the kids pick a movie to watch, visit the local park or attend a community festival. Your kids will reflect on time spent with family positively -- and thus want to spend more time with family -- when you make family time fun.

Empathize with your children. Your daughter might be overreacting about a spat with her best friend, but you should show your concern about the situation regardless of how insignificant it may seem to you. Supporting your children through the seemingly inevitable problems of childhood shows them that you respect their feelings, which can make them appreciate family.

Put family first. It's easy to get caught up in daily demands and responsibilities and forget to ask your kids about their school days or attend their soccer games. Show that you put family first by being a visible figure in your children's lives, and they will understand that being family oriented is important.

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