Natural cedar is a popular choice for closets and also helps to repel insects.

How to Make a Closet Smell Like Cedar

by Maria Magher

Cedar closets not only smell nice, but they also help repel moths and other pests, keeping them from making a meal of your wardrobe. There are many options for making your closet smell like cedar, depending on your budget and the amount of work you are interested in doing. There are options to fit any budget so that you can create a pleasant cedar smell and protect your clothes.

Neutralize Any Existing Odors

Closets can become dusty, dank places that smell of mold, must and body odors. Before you can get your closet to smell like cedar, you need to neutralize these other odors. You can do so by thoroughly cleaning the closet, including a good vacuum or sweeping, and by cleaning out any dirty clothes, shoes or other items. Run a dehumidifier if there are moisture issues. Place a couple of bowls of baking soda in the corners of the closet and allow them to sit out for a few days, absorbing any lingering odors.

Add a Cedar Scent

There are a variety of materials available to add a cedar scent to your closet. You can purchase cedar blocks, cedar sachets and cedar sprays. Place cedar blocks along the edge of your closet, on the floor or on the top shelving. A couple of blocks should be sufficient for a small closet. Hang cedar sachets from the rod or place them on shelves or in drawers. Spray cedar scents into the closet along the carpet or base boards, rather than on your clothes. The key to these scents maintaining their effectiveness is keeping your closet clean and free of moisture or mildew.

Line the Closet with Cedar

You don't have to rebuild your closet from scratch to get a cedar closet. You can simply line your old closet with cedar boards. Tongue-and-groove boards can be placed over the existing drywall and then either glued or nailed in place. You can line your entire closet, including the ceiling, with cedar, but this is not necessary to reap the benefits. Even one wall lined in cedar can provide a nice scent and protective benefits. However, lining three walls of the closet with cedar is typical.

Restore an Existing Cedar Closet

If you are lucky enough to already have a cedar closet but it has lost its scent, you can easily restore the closet to return the scent. To do so, you simply need to lightly sand the surface of the cedar, renewing the wood and releasing the scent. You can boost the scent by cleaning and absorbing odors in the closet and then adding a cedar sachet or two.

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