Be confident in the decisions you make as a single parent.

How to Make Decisions as a Single Parent

by Victoria Thompson

The goals of most single parents are to create a positive home environment and raise a child who feels loved and self-confident. Strive to give your child the best that you can and forgive yourself if you fall short -- everyone does at some point. Single parents are the sole decision-makers within the household. This independence can be either an overwhelming experience or a liberating one.

Characteristics that Help a Single Parent Make Decisions

Remain confident that your decision is the correct one. Take care of yourself by eating properly, exercising and getting adequate rest. Seek support from family and friends when needed so you can remain confident in your choices.

Exude courage to take risks that will better the lifestyle of you and your child. Seek out a better job if you need a pay increase or better benefits. If you are interested in a new relationship, have the courage to attempt it.

Practice using wisdom in your choices. Understand that every decision might not be the correct one and that you possess the power to correct mistakes. Know that sometimes you have to accept what cannot be changed.

Focus on the positive aspects in your life to help make sound choices. Clear your life of any negative influences that expect to watch you fail. Join a support group, if needed, to gain better insight into your conditon.

Organize Your Life to Make Sound Choices

Organize your household by putting your child and yourself on a schedule. This organization allows you to see exactly what decisions must be made and creates a chaos-free home to think in.

Rank actions that must be made. If an event conflicts with your work schedule, such as after-school activities, seek a family member or good friend to assist.

Give up some of your power. It is true that everyone needs help. If you are not able to be a stay at home parent due to circumstances, seek a day care. If you are truly too exhausted to complete all the items on your list, save some for another day.

Items you will need

  • Calendar
  • Organizer


  • Remain calm and tackle one decision at a time. Find a trusted person to confide in to relieve some of your decision-making stress.


  • Do not let your child see you under anxiety while making decisions. You do not want him to believe that he is the cause of your stress.

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