Three ingredients are all you need to create a smoothie cocktail.

How to Make Drinks With Rum, Orange Juice and Ice Cream

by Aya Pauli

There are three basic ways to make drinks with rum, orange juice and ice cream. You can pour the ingredients together to create a float, blend the ingredients together to create a smoothie or stir/shake the ingredients together to create a regular drink. Sometimes called a creamsicle, the fruity tropical cocktail is quick to whip up, no matter how you make it. It can also be a tasty cool treat on a hot summer’s day. The rum provides bite, the ice cream provides a creamy cool taste and the orange juice provides a citrusy sweet flavor.


Pour the rum and orange juice into a large glass.

Add a small dollop of ice cream to the glass.

Serve the float with a regular straw.


Add the rum, orange juice and ice cream to a blender.

Blend until smooth and pour into a large glass.

Serve the smoothie with a spoon and thick straw.


Stir the rum, orange juice and ice cream together in a large glass. Alternately, shake the rum and the orange juice together in an ice-filled shaker and strain into a large glass with the ice cream.

Use the edge of the spoon to break up the ice cream and lightly blend it in with the other liquids.

Serve the drink with a thick straw.

Items you will need

  • Rum
  • Orange juice
  • Ice cream
  • Large glass


  • For the best taste, stick with simple versions of the ice cream. Using a fancy ice cream, such as rocky road, may result in flavors that clash with the rum and juice. Ice cream with additives, such as nuts or candies, can make your smooth cocktail into a lumpy concoction.
  • Use rum, orange juice and vanilla ice cream to create a simple orange creamsicle cocktail. Try spiced rum, orange juice and chocolate ice cream to create an orange-chocolate creamsicle cocktail with a little bite. The three main ingredients also pair well with milk, ice, pineapple juice, citrus soda, orange soda or chocolate.
  • Serve cocktails in a chilled or frozen glass to help keep the cocktail cold without diluting the flavor.


  • Don’t add the ice cream until after you’ve strained the liquids if you’re using a shaker. The ice cream is too thick to strain through the mesh top.

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