Replicate ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphs on your walls for a themed room.

How to Make an Egyptian-Themed Bedroom

by Kathy Adams

If images of pharaohs, pyramids or ancient Egyptian art seem like fantastic themes for decor, then an Egyptian-themed bedroom is sure to delight. Study images of hieroglyphs, tourist attractions in Egypt and contemporary and ancient art from the region to come up with an ideal decor and color scheme for your room. An overhead projector helps recreate specific imagery, such as a bas-relief of Akhenaten and family, or of depictions of pharaohs.


Paint a mural of palm trees and desert sand with pyramids and camels off in the distance. Paint the items by hand by first mocking up drawings in chalk. Alternatively, use an overhead projector to copy and enlarge an existing image onto the wall. Trace the imagery in chalk on the wall to act a guide for painting. Painting the room in tones of tan and blue emulates sand and sky, respectively. Add removable wall decals in Egyptian-inspired designs such as pyramids, the Eye of Horus or palm trees, or make your own by cutting contact paper into appropriate shapes and applying the decals wherever you choose. Create an entire ceiling border using small decals such as hieroglyphics, camels or pyramids.


Tan carpeting or an area rug emulates the look of sand for the floor. Create your own themed rugs by cutting shapes out of short-fibered faux fur in shapes such as a pyramid, an ibis, ankh, lotus or pharaoh, in colors like tan, gold, bright blue, red or black -- all colors found in forms of Egyptian art. Paint a border of hieroglyphs, ankhs or pyramids on an existing area rug using fabric paints. Use gold paint to give the impression of royalty.


Choose a comforter for the bed in black and gold, white and gold, or with an Egyptian motif such as hieroglyphics. Sheets and pillowcases of Egyptian cotton provide comfort while sticking to the theme. Add throw pillows decorated with ancient Egyptian figures such as Osiris or Anubis, or an ankh. Sheer curtains keep to a lightweight, airy theme suitable for an Egyptian lifestyle, or use colorful, sheer belly-dancing fabrics, trimmed in gold metallic coins, to add color and an exotic vibe to the space.


Reproductions of Egyptian statues, urns and art pieces abound, available in history museum shops and in some import stores. Use heavy miniature statues or pyramids as bookends on a bookshelf. Place potted palms or artificial palms in corners of the room to add to the atmosphere. Paint an Eye of Horus or an ankh on the pot to tie it into the room theme. Frame bits of papyrus printed with hieroglyphics from a souvenir shop for extra art on the walls, or frame historical images from magazines to add a bit of realism to the space.

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