Free up your inner artist and let your creativity spark some ideas when you make fall candle rings.

How to Make a Fall Candle Ring

by Jenna Fletcher

The chill in the air heralds the beginning of fall when the light begins to lessen and you and your family starts to spend more time inside after a long, busy summer outdoors. It offers the perfect opportunity to bring your candles out of storage, and dress them up with do-it-yourself custom candle rings to ready them for the holiday events that soon follow. Let your fall events -- football and Halloween parties or your Thanksgiving gathering -- be the inspiration behind the fall candle rings you create. Give your inner artist the reins when you make these simple, but stunning fall candle rings. You get to enjoy them twice as much: as you make them and when they add that special glow to your fall decor.

Cut a piece of wired twine or ribbon that fits around the pillar candle you plan to decorate. Tie it together so it forms a circle or ring.

Take apart the silk flower stems if necessary and cut them, leaving a short stem. Cut a length of craft wire roughly double the diameter of a flower stem. Wrap the craft wire around the stem, and then attach it to the wired twine ring by wrapping the excess wire around the ring. As you work, keep the twine ring in a round shape. Repeat this step, adding additional flowers and leaves until they surround the ring.

Load your hot-glue gun with the glue stick by inserting the glue stick into the opening in the backside of the gun. Plug it into a wall outlet and switch it on, if appropriate. Allow the hot-glue gun to heat for a minute or two. Apply hot glue to some of the smaller leaves and potpourri-sized pinecones. Attach them directly onto the ring, hiding the wire.

Set the candle pillar inside the fall candle ring when you can no longer see the wire.

Items you will need

  • Pillar candle
  • Wired twine or ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Silk flowers and autumn leaves
  • Potpourri sized pinecones
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Hot-glue stick


  • You can add leaves and flowers with them facing one way on the ring, as when making a wreath, or make them appear as if they grew up from the candle's base, whatever you prefer.
  • Keep flower stem lengths to 1 inch, so the flowers sit very close to the candle when they are in the ring.
  • Small acorns, hard and brown pinecone petals along with holly berries and green leaves glued to the ring adds both texture and pops of bright red complemented by green to your candle rings. You can use whatever sparks your imagination: cinnamon sticks, dried fruit or moss and nuts to create different fall candle rings.
  • You can also use Styrofoam in place of the wired ring to serve as the base for your fall foliage candle ring. Styrofoam candle rings are available where arts and craft supplies are sold.


  • Pay attention to the wire as you work with it, as its ends are very sharp.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your hot-glue gun to ensure proper and safe operation. Keep it on a plate when not in use, as the hot glue can leave marks on your table or burn you if you are not careful.

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