Don't be afraid to mix patterns, colors and fabric styles.

How to Make a Fun Curtain

by Jacy Pulford

Enlivening a space can be as simple as adding new curtains to your old decor. Replace drab, boring window treatments with a pair of handmade curtain panels. You can make interesting curtains for any room by incorporating bright colors, exploring different fabrics and using bold patterns. Determine what you like, make a plan, choose your fabric and create your curtain. You don't have to stick to a popular trend or fad; allow the curtains to reflect your personal taste while complementing your personality.

Make a Plan

Choose a decorating scheme such as bohemian, mod or vintage. Study magazines and websites for inspiration; they are filled with creative ideas for curtains. Decide which room to hang the new curtains, and think about your style and how you can recreate it. Do you like ruffles, polka dots, stripes, florals or a color-block look? Research different ways you can make the curtains and draw out a rough sketch. Also decide if you're going to make your curtains from scratch or just spruce up store-bought curtains.

Choose Fabric

The type of fabric you choose enhances the fun factor of your curtains. Store-bought curtains come in a variety of fabrics, from cotton to sheer. You can mix and match fabric colors and patterns, such as pairing navy polka stripes and red swirls. Alternatively, use affordable canvas drop-cloths from the local department or hardware store, or search your basement for an old stash of vintage fabric that you can upcycle.

Be Creative

If you use store-bought curtains, hot glue tiny craft mirrors to the front or a sequined ribbon along the trim. If starting from scratch, use fabric paint in bright colors like canary yellow or royal blue. Iron your fabric or canvas drop-cloths, dip the bottom of a drinking glass tumbler into the paint and press onto the fabric to create handmade dots. Create a multicolored look by incorporating three or more paint colors. You can also cut fabric into strips as wide as the window. Hot glue them together to create flowing ruffled curtains. If you don't sew, use iron-on tape to hem your curtains and cafe clips to hang them.


Mounting the curtain rod higher than the traditional height creates an illusion that the window is larger and enhances curtains with large printed patterns like damask. Use cafe clips that pinch your fabric and hoop onto a curtain rod. For a cleaner look, cut pieces of ribbon for the back of the curtains. Space out the cut ribbon pieces to cover the top of the curtain and pin the top and bottom of the ribbon strip. A curtain rod easily slips through and secures your curtain as it hangs.

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