Let your imagination run wild to create a girly take on window treatments.

How to Make Girly Netting Curtains

by L. Christine Shepard

Feminine and girly netting, also known as tulle, presents as an open weave fabric often used for bridal and prom dresses and dance tutus. A tutu-style curtain -- composed of strips of netting -- offers a playful addition to a bedroom window. You can also use these no-sew curtains in a powder room or hallway, delivering a girly element to the decor. Netting curtains coordinate and contrast with a rustic decorating style, adding charm to a cabin or cottage.

Measure the height and width of the window with a tape measure. Double the height measurement and add 3 inches to it. Then double the width measurement to calculate the total amount of tulle netting needed for your window treatment.

Cut the tulle netting into 4-inch wide strips double the height of the window plus 3 inches.

Lay the cut strips flat on a table or other work surface. Set a curtain tension rod approximately across the center of the strips, leaving one side of the strips slightly longer than the rest. This allows you to tie the strips around the curtain rod to make them the same length.

Tie the first strip around the curtain rod by bringing the longer end over the rod and underneath its opposite strip. Pull the strip end through the loop taut to form the knot. Knot each tulle netting strip over the rod.

Set the tension rod into the window. Adjust the knotted strips across the length of the rod as needed.

Install two decorative hooks in the wall next to the window, at least 4 inches above the bottom window edge. Cut 1 yard of 1 inch wide satin ribbon in half with scissors. Swag the tulle netting strips in half and tie back each side with the ribbon. Hook the ribbon over the decorative hooks.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure
  • Tension curtain rod
  • Tulle netting
  • Scissors
  • Two decorative hooks
  • 1-yard of 1-inch wide satin ribbon
  • Scissors


  • Use tulle netting curtain to decorate a barn for a rustic wedding.
  • Alternate different colored strips of tulle and ribbon for a colorful rendition of this no-sew girly netting curtain.


  • Do not depend on girly netting curtains to provide privacy in a bedroom. Use a shade with the curtains for privacy.

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