The iconic peace sign is commonly associated with hippy culture.

How to Make a Hippy Centerpiece

by Michelle Radcliff

A hippy-themed party or celebration should reflect the culture of that era, which fell roughly during the latter part of the 1960s and early 1970s. Hippies were members of the free-spirited youth counterculture; they were all about love, peace, nature, drugs and psychedelic rock 'n' roll. Hippy fashion is bohemian in style, with elements borrowed from different cultures, including Native American, Indian, Moroccan and a little Romani gypsy thrown in as well. The eclectic nature of hippy style provides a wide variety of elements with which to work when you want to make a centerpiece for your hippy-themed event.

Flower Centerpiece

“Flower children” was a term used to reference hippies, since hippy women often wore flowers in their hair. The term became synonymous with the ideal of wearing or carrying flowers to symbolize universal peace and love. “Flower Power” was a political movement in opposition to the Vietnam War. The association of flowers and hippies makes flowers a natural choice for a hippy-themed centerpiece. A vintage vase from a thrift store or an old mason jar filled with daisies makes a simple yet elegant piece. Wrap a beaded necklace or some suede cord around the vase. Paper flowers are another option, as the hippies in Haight-Ashbury sold paper flowers to tourists in the area during the hippy heyday.

Tie-Dye Tabletop Teepee

When you combine an iconic Native American symbol with colorful, tie-dyed fabric, you get the perfect hippy table centerpiece. Make as many tie-dye tabletop teepees as you need, depending on the size of your table. Online tutorials or instructions on making tabletop teepees will help you figure out the dimensions for your fabric and how to cut it out. Then look for tie-dye fabric or make your own using a tie-dye kit. Use craft sticks or pipe cleaners for the teepee's poles. Embellishments such as small feathers create a festive look on the top.

Peaceful Terrarium

An all-natural centerpiece, handmade from a repurposed glass container, is hippy chic. An old mason jar, a goldfish bowl, glass coffeepot or even an old pickle jar all make suitable containers for a terrarium. Embellish the container first with a little hippy style by painting a peace sign with acrylic glass paint on the outside or tying a beaded cord with a peace sign charm around it. On the inside, you’ll need small pebbles for drainage, soil, moss and several small plants that thrive in moist, humid conditions. Tiny glass or ceramic mushrooms or small fairy figurines also provide a hippy vibe.

Psychedelic Candle Centerpiece

For the trippy hippy, a psychedelic candle centerpiece makes the right touch. To begin the centerpiece, look for a large wine bottle or vintage moonshine whiskey jug. For the best results, use fluorescent drip taper candles. It will take time to build up a good coat of melted wax around the top of the bottle, which means you will need to burn through several candles in each color. For safety, protect the surface around the bottle and remain present while the candles burn down. Once the bottle is to your liking, surround it with a ring of psychedelic mushroom candles. A black light installed in an overhead light makes the centerpiece come alive with glowing color.

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