Get creative with your mailbox.

How to Make Mailbox Decorations

by Tiffany Silverberg

When you decorate for the holidays, don't stop at the curb. Give the mail carrier, newspaper delivery person and every neighbor who passes by a little touch of holiday cheer by decorating your mailbox. You can update it with each season. Get creative and put together personal mailbox decorations. They may even make those bills a little more palatable.

Draw seasonal shapes onto craft foam in various colors. Shapes might include leaves in autumn, snowflakes in the winter, flowers in spring or pool toys in summer. Use a sharp pair of craft or fabric scissors to get a clean cut on the foam.

Cut small squares of carpet tape, using sharp scissors. Peel the cover off one side of the carpet tape and stick each square to the back of each shape. Remove the backing of the carpet tape and stick the carpet to the mailbox. Put the shapes in various places all around the mailbox, including the sides and door.

Attach a piece of carpet tape to one end of the garland. In the spring you might like ivy, while in the winter, you can use pine garland. Stick the end of the garland to the bottom of the mailbox. Wrap the garland around the post of the mailbox.

Items you will need

  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Two sided carpet tape
  • Garland

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