Colorful Post-It Notes create temporary pixel-style wall art.

How to Make Post-it Note Wall Art

by Kathy Adams

Post-it Notes are useful for much more than leaving reminders to yourself and others. Since they're available in many colors, it's possible to use them to create cartoon or pixel-style art reminiscent of old video games. The sticky matter holds the art up on a wall, easy to remove or reposition as needed. Plotting your design on graph paper, with each square representing one Post-it Note, makes reproduction of even complex designs a much simpler process.

Wipe down the project area with a duster or a soft cloth to help the Post-it Notes better adhere to the wall.

Study the image you wish to recreate on the wall. If you don't have a picture, doodle an image or abstract design on graph paper using colored pencils. Create a block-based rendition of the original art on the graph paper, coloring in each used square with an appropriate colored pencil. Each color represents one color of Post-It Note, so you will know which colors to use on the wall.

Select one corner of the graph paper design as your starting point and choose a suitable location on the wall. Place a Post-it Note matching the color of the graph paper block on the wall at the chosen location.

Place a second Post-It Note, representing an adjacent square on the graph paper, next to or above the first. Continue placing notes, working in methodical rows or columns, until the design is complete.

Items you will need

  • Duster or soft cloth
  • Image to recreate
  • Graph paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Post-it Notes, assorted colors


  • Count the number of blocks of each color used for your graph paper art before placing Post-It Notes on the wall; this way, you will know ahead of time if you have enough notes to complete the project.
  • The larger your image on graph paper, the more Post-It Notes it will take to complete the project.
  • Post-It Notes are available in several sizes; use notes of all the same size for a more uniform look to your finished art.
  • "Pixel art" and "8-bit art" are terms for some of the types of art you can create with Post-It Notes.
  • Cover an unsightly wall entirely with Post-It Notes in an apartment or setting where you aren't allowed to change the existing wall finish.

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