Hang your child's artwork to depict Rapunzel's artistic walls.

How to Make a "Rapunzel" Bedroom

by Lorna Hordos

The “Rapunzel” story is loved by generations of children. The story’s tower setting makes an imaginative, adventurous bedroom fit for any little princess -- or prince. This kind of gender-neutral setting is ideal, whether one child occupies the room, or young siblings -- a brother and sister, for instance -- share it. Tell the story of Rapunzel on the walls and ceiling, in the drapery and through the furniture and accessories for a bedroom that will bring smiles to faces.

Paint the walls and ceiling in a yellowy-gold base to mimic Rapunzel’s infamous blonde hair, using two or three coats of low- or no-volatile organic compound paint. Paint the ceiling so it will meld with the walls and have the appearance of more height like a tower.

Paint a rough grid of large and assorted-sized rectangles over the walls and ceiling to resemble stone or concrete blocks, using a 1-inch-wide paintbrush and a color that’s a few shades darker than the walls. The grid lines do not have to be perfect, but apply painter’s tape as a guide, if you like.

Mount a small, shallow fireplace surround -- mantel and sides -- to wall studs, using metal L-brackets. Alternatively, paint a life-sized fireplace on the wall, using gray paint. Paint flaming logs on the wall inside the firebox, using brown, bright yellow, orange and red paints. Refer to clip-art as inspiration or pictures.

Create a dark-blue rectangle above the fireplace to serve as a window, using paint. When the blue paint is dry, randomly dot it with bright-yellow paint to resemble lit paper lanterns in the night sky.

Create Rapunzel’s artistry on the walls and ceiling, using various flower, tree, animal, bird and leaf-design wall decals. Alternatively, paint the artwork on the surrounding surfaces, if you have the skill, or use templates. Refer to a “Rapunzel” storybook or movie for design ideas.

Hang a floor-to-ceiling velvet drapery window treatment in a dominant color pulled from the wall art. Braid yellow fabric cording to use as drapery tiebacks that resemble braided blonde hair.

Dress the bed in a similar color to the window treatment. Place yellow or gold crown-shaped throw pillows on the bed.

Install vintage furniture and accessories, such as a small, wooden chair, a simple, wood-table as a nightstand, and a lamp that looks like a lantern.

Cut long, 1/4-yard-wide strips of gold-tone tulle. Knot together the tulle strips, end to end, like long hair. Hang the "hair" on the walls, along the ceiling, around the bed and over the window. Twist it as you go and use finishing nails or tacks to hold it in place.

Items you will need

  • Light and dark yellowy-gold low- or zero-VOC paints
  • 1-inch paintbrush
  • Painter’s tape (optional)
  • Small, shallow fireplace surround (optional)
  • Paint: gray, brown, bright yellow, orange, red and dark-blue
  • Wall decals: flowers, trees, animals, birds, leaves (optional)
  • Velvet drapes
  • Yellow fabric cording
  • Bedding
  • Crown-shaped pillows, yellow or gold
  • Wooden chair
  • Wooden
  • Table
  • Lantern-style lamp
  • Gold-tone tulle
  • Finishing nails or tacks


  • Allow your child to have a say in or help with the wall art as much as possible.
  • Rather than painting the walls and ceiling, use wallpaper with a busy, animated design that provides the idea of Rapunzel’s tower-wall art.
  • Wind cool-to-the-touch, clear LED lights or solar lights around the tulle to serve as Rapunzel's glowing hair. Use a timer to control the lights' run time.


  • Wear safety glasses when painting a ceiling.
  • Open windows for ventilation when painting indoors.

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