Old vinyl records can give a plain room divider plenty of personality.

How to Make a Room Divider With Vinyl Records

by Jennifer Blair

When your house has an open floor plan, you often need to use room dividers to help create separate spaces. While you can use a simple folding screen from the store, that type of divider may not have quite the style that you're looking for. Using old vinyl records to create or embellish a room divider for your home can instantly give your space personality -- and it's a pretty straightforward do-it-yourself project that you can probably tackle in a single weekend.

Get Ready

Before creating your room divider, ensure that you have enough records on hand for your partition. If you’re lucky, you have some old vinyl records lying around your basement or attic to repurpose. However, you can also browse garage sales, thrift stores and vintage record stores to find inexpensive options for your divider. The key is to measure the area where you want to create the division so you can estimate how many records you’ll need. Typically, vinyl records have a 12-inch diameter so consider how many records it will take to create an effective divider for your room. If you plan to hang your divider, you should also account for the pieces you’ll use to connect the records to one another.

Hang Them

For the most striking look, making a hanging room divider with your records is your best bet. It doesn’t form a completely solid room divider as there are small gaps between the records, but it can create enough separation in a room to make two areas feel distinct. To create the divider, drill holes in the top and bottom of the records and connect them with jump rings. Create several different “strands” of records and simply hang them side by side to form the divider, or make it more solid by drilling additional holes at the sides of the records so you can use more jump rings to connect the records that are next to one another to form a “sheet” for hanging.

Embellish Existing Divider

If you’re not an experienced do-it-yourselfer, creating a hanging room divider with vinyl records may be a bit intimidating. Instead, consider using your records to dress up an existing room divider. This option also works well if you need a solid partition to separate your space. Folding screen dividers are relatively inexpensive, but they can also be somewhat plain. However, some premade dividers feature glass panels with slots that serve as frames for photos or artwork. Fill the divider with your records – leave them in their jackets if they feature artwork that you like or use the records themselves with colorful paper or cardboard behind them. Alternatively, if you have a plain folding screen, add records to the surface to give it more visual interest. Drill a couple of holes in the vinyl and use screws or nails to hold them in place.


While vinyl records make an interesting design statement all on their own, you can make your room divider even more eye-catching by customizing the records. Paint the records in a bright, bold color to help them stand out. You can also create patterns such as stripes or polka dots, or use sponges to apply the paint for a more textured look. Water- and oil-based paints both usually work on vinyl, but it helps to use a primer to smooth some of the records' grooves. If you can’t get paint to look as smooth as you’d like, cover the records in colorful or patterned contact paper. Just cut the paper to fit over the records and ensure there aren’t any bubbles or wrinkles.

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