The perfect teen room involves functionality and style.

How to Make a Room for Teens With a Fuzzy Theme

by Ronna Pennington

When creating a teen room with a fuzzy theme, remember that a little goes a long way. Everything in the room does not have to be fuzzy, in fact, having only a few key items that are fuzzy will make a more impactful style statement. Assemble an idea of all your fuzzy options, then allow the teen to help you make the final decisions. Many teens enjoy having input when it comes to their room design.

Walls and Windows

Keep walls a solid color, but concentrate the fuzzy accents on the window. Eyelash curtains have a hint of fuzziness in their long fibers. Make a valance or pelmet box covered with a coordinating fake fur. It is easy to hand stitch feather or marabou boas onto the hems of cotton curtains. Use a thread color that matches the boa and use small stitches to attach it to the curtains. Use leftover boas as tie-backs.


A fuzzy-themed room would not be complete without a fuzzy rug. Rugs are appropriate even in rooms with wall-to-wall carpet. There are many affordable fuzzy rug options available at discount and outlet stores. If your teen is feeling crafty, have her make her own fuzzy rug using old t-shirts, jeans, or fabric scraps. Making a rug is a great way to recycle; plus it is a fun project to get your teen directly involved in the decorating process.


Use a simple comforter or bedspread that your teen likes rather than buying fuzzy bedding. Top it with a comforter made of minky dots or embossed minky fabrics. Minky fabrics feel like cashmere, but are washable. Add throw pillows to the bed made from various faux furs and velours with a few satin for contrast. Unable to find ones to fit your room theme? Look for fuzzy rugs in the bath department that can be easily turned into pillows for bedding accents.


Add a strip of faux fur or boa to the base of a lamp shade for a fun look. Use fabrics like chenille or minky stripes as table or dresser toppers. Moon chairs in fuzzy velours are affordable and offer your teen a place for her and friends to visit. For your teen's study area, jazz up a plain cork board by edging it with marabou or feather boas. Do the same with picture frames.

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