Make him a pair of space boots that'll make him feel like a real astronaut.

How to Make Space Boots for Preschoolers

by Rosenya Faith

Complete your little space explorer’s costume with an inexpensive pair of homemade space boots, and get your future astronaut involved in the project so he can feel extra proud of his costume. You can use a pair of boots from his closet, but because the boots can be damaged from the project, you might want to find a cheap pair of boots from a thrift store instead.

Slip-on Space Boots

Try a pair of boots on your munchkin. You can use a pair of winter boots, rubber rain boots or even a pair of bootie slippers. Just ensure the boots fit him comfortably for his trick-or-treating trekking.

Place the boots on your work surface and unwind an entire roll of aluminum foil.

Start at the top and wrap the aluminum foil around one boot, overlapping layers of foil as you work toward the bottom. You can get your little astronaut to help with this task to get him involved in the project. Stop wrapping just above the rubber sole or your little astronaut might end up learning more about slipping and sliding than moon-walking.

Cut two long pieces of duct tape. Wrap one around the top of the boot and one around the bottom, just above the sole. The aluminum foil should fit snugly along the boot. If you have a bit of wiggle room, wrap an extra piece of duct tape around the middle of the boot. If you don’t have duct tape, you can use some shiny aluminum tape or wide clear tape.

Lace-up Space Boots

Try the boots on your space explorer and then place them on your work surface.

Cut long strips of aluminum foil. Each strip should be long enough to wrap around the boot and tuck behind both sides of the laces.

Wrap the foil around the boot and secure it on the inside of the boot with duct tape. Keep adding strips until the entire boot is covered.

Poke holes through the duct tape so the shoelaces can thread through the boot and then thread metallic silver laces through the holes.

Items you will need

  • Boots
  • Aluminum foil
  • Duct tape (or aluminum tape or wide clear tape)
  • Metallic silver shoelaces


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