Create your own spiderweb decor for Halloween.

How to Make Spiderwebs for Halloween Decorations

by Jenna Fletcher

Halloween is a the perfect opportunity to play with your decorations. Maybe you are getting ready for trick-or-treat night, or perhaps you are hosting a Halloween party for your children and their friends. Either way, creating Halloween decorations sets the stage for an eerie but fun party or gathering. Spiderwebs are the perfect do-it-yourself decoration, and you can make many variations of them quickly and easily.

Yarn Spider Webs

Make a cross shape in a picture frame or hula hoop with yarn. Tie the yarn in place and cut any excess away.

Make an "X" shape in the picture frame or hula hoop with yarn, making sure the "X" intersects the cross shape in the middle. Tie the yarn into place on the frame or hula hoop. Cut away any excess yarn.

Cut a very long strand of yarn and loop it around the center of the web, creating two equal lengths of yarn. Twist the yarn strands together and weave it around the skeleton of your web, looping it around each piece of the skeleton to hold it into place where you want it. Continue weaving the yarn through the web until you have the desired amount of rings in the web. When you are satisfied, tie off the end of the yarn and cut away any excess.

Glue craft spiders in the web. Hang the frame or hula hoop on the wall.

Spiderweb Window Clings

Print out a picture of a cartoon spiderweb.

Place the picture of the spiderweb underneath a sheet of wax paper.

Trace the spiderweb using fabric paint, applying the paint directly from the bottle onto the wax paper.

Let the paint dry fully. Once dry, carefully pull the painted web away from the wax paper and press onto a window.

Items you will need

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Empty picture frame or hula hoop
  • Fake spiders
  • Craft clue
  • Fabric puff paint
  • Wax paper
  • Spiderweb picture or printout


  • If you want to make a very large yarn spider web, you don't need a hula hoop or a picture frame. You can use the same concept in a doorway, attaching removable hooks to the wall to which to tie the yarn.
  • Use any color of yarn you desire. Black is traditional, but silver, purple, green and orange are all good choices.
  • Use any color of fabric paint you desire. Glow-in-the-dark fabric paint would be a fun choice.
  • If you feel confident in your drawing ability, you need not print out a picture of a spiderweb to trace, and can create your own instead.


  • When working with fabric paint, be sure to wear old clothes as fabric paint will remain on clothing.

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