Morning glories thrive in full sunlight.

How to Make a Trellis for Morning Glory Vines

by Mary Lougee

Morning glory (Ipomoea) vines grow very fast to create a focal point of colorful flowers that open in the morning and close about midday. Areas with a long growing season and late frost can grow these vines up to 30 feet tall. Bloom colors are red, white and blue on the “tricolor” variety. “Crimson Rambler” sports bright pink blooms and “Blue Star” blooms have a blue streak on them. Morning glories grow well as an annual or tender perennial in all U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones, when planted after the last frost in the spring. These prolific vines provide blooms from spring until summer and their length necessitates a trellis to support them.

Insert the pointed end of an automotive zip-tie through the hole in the opposite, square end. Pull the pointed tip through the hole about one-half inch.

Hold three 8-foot-long bamboo poles together in one hand with the tips of one end together. Slip the loop of the zip-tie over the tops of the poles about 2 inches from the end. Pull the zip-tie tip tightly to lash the poles together.

Dig three holes, about 8 inches deep, with a hand trowel. Place the holes so they are at least 2 feet apart in a circle around morning glory seeds or vines.

Insert the bottom of each bamboo pole into each of the three holes. Replace the soil around each pole that came from the hole. Tamp the soil down tightly around the poles with your feet.

Tie the loose end of a twine string around the top of the trellis near the zip-tie. Walk around the trellis and guide the twine around all three poles in a spiral until you reach the bottom. Cut excess twine off with scissors and tie it in a knot around the bottom of one bamboo pole.

Train morning glory vines up the poles to reach the twine. Weave the tips of the vines in and out of the twine. Train the vine tips to grow downward to the trellis bottom after they reach the top of the trellis.

Items you will need

  • Automotive zip-tie
  • 3 bamboo poles, 8 feet long
  • Trowel
  • Twine
  • Scissors


  • Make smaller versions of a teepee trellis for container-grown morning glories.
  • Add additional large trellises side by side to create a privacy screen when the trellises fill in with flowers in the summer.
  • Morning glories attract butterflies and hummingbirds for an interactive flower garden.


  • Soak morning glory seeds in water overnight to soften the hard exterior coat and promote germination.

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