A few simple makeup tricks can camoflauge a sagging chin.

Makeup Tricks to Hide a Sagging Chin

by Shelley Moench-Kelly

Not everyone is blessed with a flawless face, and even the most slender women can suffer from sagging chins. Surgery is a drastic and expensive corrective option, but it's not the only method. There are easy makeup tricks that conceal a less-than-perfect chin for a fraction of the cost of invasive surgery.


Before applying foundation, moisturize your face and neck so the product will apply smoothly and evenly. Apply your regular foundation, and blend well. Apply a second layer of foundation that is one shade darker than the one used for the original layer. Apply a few dots to your chin and neck area. Blend well so there is no noticeable difference between the two layers of foundation. The darker area will make the chin look smaller, but be careful that the dark shade isn't too dark, so as not to look like you have any skin discoloration.

The Eyes Have It

Playing up your eyes is a must-do when you have a sagging chin. They draw the eye upward and away from the bottom of your face. Tweeze your eyebrows to a flattering shape, and use a brow pencil to enhance them. Use mascara on your lashes and a dark eyeliner on the top of your lids, as well as the bottom if desired. For a casual look, use soft pastel or neutral eye shadows, and jewel-toned or darker eye shadows work best for a dramatic or night-time look.

Luscious Lips

Just because you have a sagging chin doesn't mean you must forego wearing lipstick. Simply avoid dark or bright colors such as red, fuschia, aubergine and maroon. Neutral, soft shades -- nude, pink, beige and coral -- flatter any skin tone and give you a finished look without drawing unwanted attention to your lower jaw. If all you have in your makeup drawer is dark or bright lipstick, blend a little with clear lip balm or petroleum jelly to tone it down.


Apply bronzer along your jawline. It will serve to gently darken the area and make the chin recede, in addition to giving you a healthy, glistening appearance. As with foundation, blending is crucial to look natural and not as if you're wearing a mask. If you're fair-skinned, use a rose-toned bronzer; those with medium, olive or dark skin should opt for a gold-toned bronzer.

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