Friends may see the relationship blossoming before you notice it.

How to Know If Your Male Friend Still Has a Crush on You

by Nina Edwards

So you know your male friend had a crush on you in the past, as he either told you or you figured it out. Perhaps you suspect he still feels this way, but you’re not really sure. If he won’t tell you that he has a crush outright, you can recognize it by noticing his body language, the way he talks about you and the way he looks at you. By recognizing the signs that he still wants you as more than a friend, you can begin to either prepare to have a deeper relationship with him or to let him know your interests lie elsewhere for now.

Friendship vs. Romance

If you think he still has feelings for you, take a step back and assess the nature of your relationship with him as it currently stands. It’s helpful to remind yourself of the fundamental differences between friends and lovers. Friendship attraction is the most common kind of attraction, according to an online article on "Psychology Today" by Heidi Reeder Ph.D. entitled “Can You Love Your Friend?” Friendship attractions can involve deep care, concern and even love, whereas romantic attraction involves the exact same emotions with the added element of sexual desire.

He Mirrors You

Examine his body language the next time you two are together. If you find that he subconsciously copies your movements such as hair touching, then you know he is likely in to you, according to an article on Reliable Plant entitled “People Management: The Body Language of Empathy,” by Dr. Carol Kinsey Gorman. The reason why he mirrors your movements is because he feels a special connection with you, which means that he may still have romantic feelings for you.

Physical Attraction Speaks

Men often express their feelings through physical actions and interactions rather than words. Sexual attraction is more evidenced by males, according to a journal article by Daniel Kaplan and Richard Keys entitled “Sex and Relationship Variables as Predictors of Sexual Attraction in Cross-Sex Platonic Friendships Between Young Heterosexual Adults.” If his hugs linger and touches to your back and arms become frequent, he likely still has romantic feelings for you.

Listen to What Others Say

You can often tell a lot about what a guy is feeling by listening to what his friends have to say about his behavior, particularly if they know him a lot better than you do. They may point out valuable indications as to his feelings for you, so keep your ears open. Your mutual friends may begin asking you why it never worked out between the two of you in the past. They may also begin questioning you about your feelings toward him this time around.

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