Mark your child's clothes so it isn't mixed up with other similar items.

How to Mark Kids' Names on Clothes

by Tara Shore

It happens to all parents at some point. Your child loses an item of clothing at school or an activity, and next thing you know, you're digging through lost and found. If it's not in lost and found or if you find two identical items, it will help you out if you have written your child's name in his clothing. With a name written inside, you can easily identify the item as yours or ask other parents to check for your child's name in items that wound up at their house.

Locate the inside label of the piece of clothing.

Write your child's name on the label with the fabric pen. Keep the writing away from any washing instructions if you need to know them for future use.

Write his name with a permanent marker or some other permanent-liquid-based product if you do not have a fabric pen at your disposal. One product that sometimes works well is fingernail polish.

Items you will need

  • Fabric pen or permanent marker


  • If your clothing item doesn't have a label, cut a small piece of fabric and sew it into one of the inside seams for writing purposes. You wouldn't necessarily want to do this with every piece of clothing that is missing a tag, but it would help you mark more expensive items.
  • You can also order special iron-on labels that you can write on or have them pre-printed with your child's name.

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