Being a mom does not mean that you have to give up your social life.

Married with Children and a Social Life

by Anthony Oster

Being married with children does not mean that you have to be stuck at home every night. While it can be fun to stay at home and enjoy time with your family, many married parents find ways to be social while also maintaining a positive influence in their children's lives. Planning ahead, finding a good baby-sitter and making plans with other married parents are all ways that you can balance married and parental life with your social life.

Call the Relatives

If you're wary about leaving your children with a sitter, plan your social outings around overnight stays with the children's grandparents. Not only will your children receive quality time with their loved ones, but you can use the free time to go on a date with your spouse, visit an art auction or go out for a night with your friends without worrying about your children's safety.

Host a Party

Barbecues, dinners and pool parties are great ways to invite your friends over in an environment that can also be safe and accommodating to your children and your friends' children. Include kid-friendly activities, such as an inflatable jumping house, to give the children something to do while the adults at your party socialize.

Be Social With Your Children

Get together with other families with children and attend social functions and attractions together. You may want to consider vacationing with another family to give your kids playmates to occupy themselves with while you enjoy your favorite vacation spot with good friends. Being social with your children present can teach them important social cues and interactions that may be useful to them later in life.

'Babysit' for Your Spouse

It is normal and healthy for you and your spouse to have separate hobbies, interests and friends. Offer to watch the kids so your wife can go out with her girlfriends or so your husband can get together with his friends to play cards or watch a game. Not only will you get some well-deserved time off, but your children will benefit from one-on-one time with your spouse.

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