Combing both masculine caramel browns and feminine light yellow colors create dynamic spaces.

Masculine and Feminine Colors

by Meg Winkler

When decorating your home with the whole family in mind, the concept of masculine versus feminine decor comes up regularly. Some colors seem to just scream masculinity, while others are so delicate that perceptions categorize them as only being for girls. While some colors receive labels that categorize them as strictly masculine or feminine, when you mix colors and tones together, you create a balanced decor scheme that everyone can get along with.

Soothe the Inner Beast

Whether you plan to design a nursery for your newborn son’s debut or you are giving your dining room a makeover, light masculine colors offer versatility that works in just about every room of the house. Blue tones such as baby-blue, denim or light-slate tones give your guest bathroom a peaceful, restful feel. Sandy yellows and browns -- neutral options -- make for a standout living room. Beige, tan, caramel and mustard provide a solid, masculine palette to which you can add any color. Add lavender decor accents in the living or family room that has a caramel sofa for a nice mix of masculine with feminine colors.

Creating Dark Drama

Dark masculine colors are mysterious, dramatic and bold. Nighttime colors, such as black, navy, slate and teal create a formal, moody foundation for a sexy master bedroom. If you choose one of these hues for your wall color -- a good choice, since it hides minor scuffs -- paint your trim in a crisp white. The combination is stunning and chic. Men are drawn to chocolate brown and leather furniture. Mixing brown leather furniture with a feminine powder blue balances the room.

Soften the Space

Commonly associated with romance and delicate flowers, light feminine colors include peach, pink, lavender, light sage and light yellow. In cottage or French-Country decor, these light feminine colors give the overall scheme a nostalgic feel. For your neutral color, use cream accent rugs and trim color to reinforce a vintage tone. In contrast, stark white gives the room a modern twist. Offset the lightness of these colors with heavier, dark wood furniture or black decorative accents.

Making an Impact

For a distinctive, whimsical punch of color, go for bright feminine colors. Hot pink can make your teen girl’s bathroom a fun wake-me-up in the mornings. Add turquoise, lime green or black accents to the pink to make it an even more playful, youthful space. Coral and white create a crisp combination for your guest bedroom. Balance it with a black wrought-iron bed frame and black accents. Magenta and emerald are reminiscent of jewelry a woman might wear, and metallic colors are generally considered feminine.

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