A clothing rack tucked into a corner makes a practical closet.

How to Maximize the Space in a Small Bedroom for Clothes

by Kathleen Berlew

A bedroom is a private space for sleeping and relaxing, but it also must provide storage for clothing. If you or your child has a large wardrobe, a small bedroom presents a unique challenge. Cramped closets and overstuffed dressers may seem inadequate to accommodate a collection of clothes, sweaters, jackets and shoes. But if you know where to look, you will find that a tiny bedroom can yield a surprising amount of storage space for both clothes and accessories.

Creative Closets

If the bedroom is small, chances are the closet is small too -- or maybe nonexistent. The first step in maximizing clothing storage is making the most of existing closet space. A closet with only one hanging bar and a shelf wastes a lot of potential storage space. Increase storage by hanging a second bar for shirts and pants or install a set of hanging canvas shelves for sweaters and bags. Stackable bins placed on the closet floor or shelf offer storage for shoes and accessories. If the room has no closet at all, create hanging storage with a rolling clothes rack or a bar hung from the ceiling. This do-it-yourself closet can be tucked behind a bedroom door or concealed with a curtain.

Maximize Drawer Space

Stuffing jeans and sweaters jumbled together into dresser drawers is not good for clothes and does not make the most of valuable storage space. Assign each article of clothing to a specific drawer and fold items so they stack together neatly. Use dividers from a home goods store to organize the inside of drawers or make your own with cardboard and adhesive-backed paper. When tucked into individual compartments, socks or lingerie take up less space and are easier to find. Do not waste drawer space on clothing items worn infrequently. Reserve dresser drawers for the clothing accessed on a daily basis.

Under-Bed Storage

A bed with built-in drawers boosts clothing storage space in a small bedroom. But even a standard bed can provide hidden storage for off-season clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Look for plastic bins designed for under-bed storage. Some have wheels and tops that flip open for easy access to contents. Large plastic bags with either zipper or vacuum seals offer another option for storing clothing items that you do not use often. To open up even more space under the bed and make room for deeper storage bins, use bed risers purchased at a home-goods store.

Smart Solutions

When maximizing wardrobe space in a small bedroom, think beyond closets, drawers and bins. Look for furnishings that perform multiple functions. Storage ottomans provide seating but also hold sweaters and other bulky clothing pieces. If the room has a bookcase, consider using some of the shelves for shoes or handbags. Over-the-door clothes hooks give extra hanging space for jackets and hats. In a small space, let go of the notion that all of the storage has to be hidden. Display favorite items and scarves from hooks hung on the wall. Place a coat stand in a corner as an attractive catchall for outerwear and accessories.

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