If it's not a perfect fit, don't worry -- she'll grow out of it soon anyway.

Measurements for Toddler Sizing

by Brooke Julia

In general, toddler sizes are designed to match your child's age. So if your little tyke is three, she should be wearing a size three. Sounds simple -- and it is -- if your child's body grows exactly the way clothing manufacturers think it will. Chances are, however, that your child's body won't grow exactly the way clothing manufacturers have planned. If your child is like millions of others kids, who are growing according to her own little timetable, take her measurements and compare them to the clothing manufacturer's sizing chart.

Height and Weight

Measure your child's height and weight. Weight is used in sizing for infants through 2 years of age, but it will still be useful for choosing between the variations in sizing, such as petite and husky in older toddlers sizing.

Chest, Waist and Hips

Get your toddler's chest size by measuring straight across from one shoulder to the other. Measure around her waist and then around her hips. This helps with shirt, pants and belt sizing.

Inseam and Torso

Find the length of your toddler's inseam by measuring from crotch height to the ankle. The inseam determines how long your child's pants legs need to be. Then measure her torso by stretching your measuring tape from her right shoulder to her left hip.

Matching it Up

Once you've gathered all your little one's numbers, compare these numbers to the sizing chart of the clothing company you're buying from. It would nice if the sizing charts were the same from company to company, but unfortunately that's not the case. Sizing differs slightly from one label to the next, so be sure you're comparing these numbers to the right brand. You can ask for a company's sizing chart in the store or you can look it up online. Choose the size that agrees with the majority of your child's measurements -- and there you have it! You're ready to go on a shopping spree.

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