Giving the walls a textured finish with plaster or paint adds a Mediterranean feel to a room.

Mediterranean Wall Decor

by Jennifer Blair

To give your home a warm, rustic feel with plenty of Old World influence, incorporate decor with a Mediterranean flair. The look makes use of natural materials such as wood, stone and metal, and a soft color palette with sea-inspired blues and greens, as well earth tones in terra cotta, brick, brown and gold. When you decorate the walls, those elements, along with texture and outdoor scenery, should play a key role in your accessory choices so you wind up with wall decor that fits in with the rugged, inviting theme.


In traditional Mediterranean decor, walls are often plaster or stucco, and the rich texture gives them a rustic appearance. Start your Mediterranean makeover by adding texture to the walls themselves. For an elegant look, use a Venetian plaster finish for a finish that resembles natural stone or polished marble. You can buy Venetian plaster at your local paint or home improvement store. Applying it with a steel spatula in an overlapping pattern creates striking texture on your walls. Once the plaster is dry, use sandpaper to lightly polish the surface -- the more you polish, the more burnished the walls will appear. You can also use paint to create a faux finish for the walls to give them a textured appearance – sponging, ragging and color washing work well, and are easier than plastering.


The right paintings and drawings will add Mediterranean flavor to your room. Landscapes fit the scenic theme -- opt for scene of a Tuscan countryside or village to help capture the right mood. For a more striking look, use wall stencils to create a mural of a pastoral scene with a pastoral Mediterranean flair. Still-life pieces that feature fruit, wine and cheese also fit the Mediterranean vibe. Just make sure whatever artwork you choose features soft, muted shades such as sand, gold, rust, blue-gray and sea green.

Wrought Iron

Mediterranean decor often uses rustic elements, and wall hangings that feature wrought iron will strengthen the theme. Wrought iron wall sconces help give your room an Old World feel; use candles in Mediterranean-inspired colors to really bring the sconces into focus. Flat wrought iron discs with intricate scroll work also make striking wall decorations for a Mediterranean theme. You can even hang a wrought iron grille on the wall to create the illusion of a window.


Because texture plays such a big role in Mediterranean decor, find some rich, woven tapestries to use as wall hangings if you have room. These can be quite large, so they work in a room without a large picture window to provide visual interest. As with artwork, you can find tapestries that feature country landscapes or seaside villages to really capture the Mediterranean vibe. Or choose styles that feature patterns like damask or brocade with a muted color palette that fits the theme. To really pull the look together, use a wrought iron rod to hang your tapestry on the wall.

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