Chocolate melts best when it melts slowly.

How to Melt Baking Chips to Decorate a Cheesecake Top

by M.T. Wroblewski

It might be difficult to improve upon perfection, even when it comes to your creamiest cheesecake recipe. But try to imagine a crowning touch: Drizzled milk chocolate, dark chocolate or even white chocolate, a visually artistic element that's likely to even further tempt the palate. You don't need expensive equipment to top your cake; however, the TLC you demonstrate in the melting process will result in just that -- a Thoroughly Luscious Cheesecake.

Microwave Method

Fill a sandwich bag halfway with your favorite baking chips. Close the zipper securely. Place the bag in the microwave, ensuring that the bag lies flat and that the chips are grouped at the bottom of the bag.

Turn on your microwave to the lowest heat setting. Heat the chips for 1 minute. Open the microwave. Wait 1 minute for the chips to cool so that you can safely touch the bag.

Knead the bottom of the bag gently. Flip it over and heat it for 30 seconds on the lowest heat setting. Repeat, if necessary, until all the chocolate is melted, but do not rush the process by using the highest heat setting; too much heat can scorch chocolate.

Wait for the bag to cool before removing it from the microwave. Gently knead the chocolate until it is smooth and creamy.

Snip a tiny hole at the bottom corner of the sandwich bag with a pair of sharp scissors. Drizzle your cheesecake with the melted chocolate until you are pleased with your new picture of perfection.

Stovetop Method

Use a double boiler or create your own with two pots, one slightly larger than the other. Fill the larger pot with water so that the water reaches the bottom of a smaller pot when you place it on top.

Set the smaller pot aside and heat the water in the larger pot just until it starts to bubble but not boil. Reduce the heat to simmer.

Place the baking chips in the smaller pot. Set it on top of the larger pot to create your double boiler. Stir the baking chips occasionally until the chocolate melts and is smooth.

Drizzle the melted chocolate on top of your cheesecake with a spoon for thicker drizzles. Or pour the chocolate into a sandwich bag, close the top, snip the bottom corner and drizzle thin lines of chocolate on top of your cheesecake.

Items you will need

  • Zippered sandwich bag
  • Baking chips
  • Sharp scissors
  • Spoon


  • When using the sandwich bag heated in the microwave, the larger the hole you cut in the bottom of the bag, the wider the drizzles you will create with the chocolate. For a truly artistic effort, try melting two bags of chocolate: one with a tiny hole at the bottom and one with a bigger hole. Alternate the drizzles to create narrow and wide streams of chocolate on top of your cheesecake.

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