Teach your little ones about patriotism and working in the kitchen this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Snacks Kids Can Make

by Tiffany Raiford

Part of being a parent is teaching your kids as much as you can – with certain exceptions like the proper way to mix a cocktail or how to hide all the toys in the hall closet and say the house is clean. And there are a few occasions each year that provide you with ready-made opportunities to educate your little ones about things that are of particular importance. One such opportunity is Memorial Day. Grab your kids, head to the kitchen, and let them help make some fun Memorial Day snacks that they can enjoy while you explain what this national holiday is all about.

Patriotic Ice Pops

It’s no secret that Memorial Day is a holiday where you want to spend time in the sun having fun because it’s warm outside. This means it's a perfect holiday for your kids to make an icy cool snack that’s patriotic and delicious. Let them push the crushed ice button on the freezer door and gather three bowls of crushed ice. Have them mix one bowl with red food coloring, another with blue food coloring -- and leave the third bowl full of clear ice. Then, all they have to do is get a couple of plastic cups and spoon some red ice into the bottom, cover it with clear crushed ice, and finish it off with a layer of blue ice. They can then insert an ice pop stick into the ice -- and place the entire creation in the freezer. It should stay there until it freezes together. Once it does, your kids can enjoy their very own homemade Memorial Day ice pops.

Patriotic Parfaits

One great way to help your kids get into the spirit of the holiday is to let them make patriotic parfaits. All they need is vanilla pudding, red food coloring, blue food coloring, fresh fruit and clear plastic cups. Let them mix some of the vanilla pudding with red -- and some with blue -- food coloring, and then drop spoonfuls of colorful pudding into clear cups. They can start with red, then add a layer of white, a layer of blue, and then finally top their parfaits with their choices of fresh fruit. Since this is a patriotic Memorial Day snack, stick with red and blue fruits to put on top of their divine creations.

Red, White and Blue Fruit Cup

What is simpler and healthier than a patriotic fruit cup on Memorial Day? The answer is nothing. All your kids need to do is rinse off a bowl full of strawberries (which you can slice for them), raspberries and blueberries. They can dry them off by patting them down with a few paper towels. Next, they simply have to transfer the fruit into small plastic bowls and top it off with a whipped topping for a red, white and blue treat that will make everyone want seconds.

Patriotic Party Mix

You can let your preschoolers take complete control over a patriotic party mix snack – which will leave you free to teach them about the holiday or work on other holiday festivities. All you need is a big bag of M&Ms, some small marshmallows, small pretzels, and a cereal snack mix. Give them a big bowl and tell them to pour everything but the M&Ms into it. Then have them sort out the M&Ms, putting only the red and blue ones into the bowl so that this party mix is patriotic. Don’t be surprised if there aren’t many orange, yellow, green and brown candies left over, as your kids will likely “accidentally” eat those along the way.

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