Healthy twins likely reach milestones on track.

Milestone Checklist for 2-Year-Old Twins

by Eliza Martinez

Twins are twice the fun, but sometimes cause twice the worry. Many multiples are born early, which may delay their development slightly. In most cases, however, twins are likely to be on track by age two as long as they are otherwise healthy. Your twins might not reach milestones at the same time, but the range of normal is broad at this age. If you are concerned about delays, contact your twins' pediatrician.


Most mothers are adept at translating the language of two-year-olds, but mothers of multiples have the added challenge of decoding the often made-up language of twins. At this stage, your twins should be able to string together several words to form sentences, even if they don't get the structure correct. For example, you might hear, "Him took my car," instead of "He took my car." This is normal during this stage. Additionally, your twins can point and name objects and body parts, repeat words and follow simple directions, such as, "Drink your milk," or "Put on your shoes."


Your twins might surprise you every day with their huge leaps in cognitive, or thinking, development. Having each other is beneficial for many sets of twins because they can play off each other's strengths. At two years of age, your twins enjoy make believe games, can build block towers and finish familiar sentences, such as the ones in their favorite books. In addition, your toddlers have a stronger sense of object permanence, which means when one twin hides the other's favorite toy, he doesn't forget about it, but actively seeks it out. Two-year-olds can also sort and group objects by matching like ones together.


One perk to having twins is that social development is optimized because each child has a constant playmate. Premature twins might need some time to catch up with peers, but the built-in social network of a same-age sibling works wonders. Your twins enjoy copying each other and anyone else close by. You'll see them pretending to cook, go to work or read a book. Your twins might spend more time actively playing with each other rather than next to each other and they probably show excitement when other children arrive on the scene. The terrible twos might make a presence and your twins may defy you and exert their growing independence at every opportunity.


Most mothers of two-year-olds know that a large portion of the day is spent chasing a wayward toddler. With two, you might feel like you never get to sit down. Children at this age make great strides during the toddler years in terms of their ability to get around, climb on things, jump over things and run away from you. In addition, your twins may be able to throw and kick a ball with each other, trace simple shapes and walk up and down stairs with help.

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