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How to Minimize Wrinkled Lines on the Face

by Tarah Damask

When you're looking for a way to minimize wrinkled lines on your face, your first instinct may be to rush to the dermatologist's office, and while that may be effective, there are countless other methods for creating a smoother looking complexion in the comfort of your own bathroom. Whether you need a quick fix or have the time and energy to consider some long-term approaches, a more youthful appearance is an achievable goal.

Illuminating Foundation

A quick fix for minimizing wrinkled lines on the face is to camouflage them. Apply an illuminating foundation to your skin on a daily basis, but don't just reach for any makeup. Look for formulations that include anti-aging ingredients, such as moisturizers and vitamin E. In addition, reach for a liquid that is meant to add "radiance" or "illumination" to your skin -- skip the matte look and instead add a hint of a lit-from-within glow as a little light reflection helps hide lines.

Anti-Aging Lifestyle

While genetics play a big role in how quickly lines appear on your face, there are also some daily habits that may affect how slowly or quickly wrinkles appear and become defined. For younger looking skin and an all-around healthy lifestyle, incorporate healthy foods into your diet, such as salmon, which contributes essential fatty acids -- they help decrease wrinkle formation -- and an anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant called astaxanthin. Eat fresh foods, stay hydrated with pure, non-carbonated water, get some exercise in, get a full night's sleep and put down that cigarette. It's that simple.


Since attempting to sort out the multitude of products that can help your skin can feel overwhelming, and because actually applying several layers of products to your skin can feel uncomfortable, opt for multi-tasking products instead. For example, consider a foundation that includes retinol to fight wrinkles while visually minimizing them. Or, rather than layering sunscreen on top of moisturizer before applying your makeup, try an anti-aging moisturizer that includes SPF.

Serious Treatment

Consider serious treatment if you're unhappy with quick fixes that only temporarily minimize wrinkled lines. For example, by applying products such as retinol and/or anti-aging serum on a daily basis, you will see smoother skin over time. You simply need to remain dedicated because when it comes to combating age, consistency is key. You should also make an appointment with a dermatologist. Whether you receive advice on appropriate over-the-counter products, prescriptions for powerful retinols or other topicals or if your doctor provides you with skin resurfacing treatments, you'll have a wider variety of options to choose from.

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