Change your design scheme to feature your light brown furniture.

How to Modernize Light Brown Furniture

by Meg Winkler

Wood furniture is durable and lasting, but pieces that stand the test of time run the risk of looking outdated. Your light brown furniture has survived pets, kids, dinner parties and the holidays, but now you want to usher those tried-and-true pieces into the modern world. By embracing a new design concept, you can easily modernize your light brown furniture, creating a space that’s current and ready for entertaining.

Design Vintage Vignettes

Indulge your inner “Mad Men” fan by integrating your contemporary light brown furniture into a Mid-Century Modern-inspired space. The style embraces a form-follows-function philosophy and was greatly inspired by pared-down Scandinavian interior design. When you have furniture with clean lines and few adornments at your disposal, the 1950s aesthetic is easy to accomplish. Pair your light brown end tables with a chrome arch lamp and funky boomerang fabric-covered pillows for the sofa. Assemble a home bar on a repurposed console table, or set a collection of Fiestaware out on your light brown table for an instant update.

Create a Modern Country French Retreat

Light brown furniture works very well with Country French design, especially if your pieces show knots and plenty of the wood’s grain. The style embraces the French countryside and is built on a foundation of cream, gold, light brown and white. Add some wire baskets and fresh flowers to a light brown china cabinet. Pair white wooden chairs with your light brown dining table. Set the table with straw placemats, white dishes and a vase with a few sprigs of lavender in the center. Add old books and natural objects, such as flowers or river rocks, to your light brown coffee table. The key to this family-friendly style is to pair a bit of the rustic with clean lines.

Step into a Scandinavian Scene

The Swedes are famous for their modern light brown furniture. Give your retro furniture new life by pairing it with colors of the Arctic: slate grey, cream and white. Add pops of red and blue to complete the overall look. Take the focus off of an outdated pine headboard by dressing your bed with a fluffy white down duvet and light embroidered pillows. Don’t be afraid to pair a dark grey sofa with a light brown coffee table. Unify the space with a lamb’s wool rug.

Integrate Pieces Into Your Design

Rather than hide the fact that you have light brown furniture, make your room’s design all about it. The light tones of pine or maple furniture can help create a Zen-like atmosphere in a room. Pair a light brown living room set with bamboo reed blinds, cream-colored linen curtains and a tan sisal rug. Accent the room with pillows and accessories in a vibrant color such as lime green or turquoise blue. By integrating your light brown furniture into a monochromatic scheme, you can enjoy the aesthetics of modern design while utilizing durable and functional pieces.

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