Moody colors transform your bedroom into a seductive retreat.

Moody Bedroom Colors

by Meg Winkler

Early mornings, a full day at the office, errands, soccer practice and that giant pile of laundry that simply must be dealt with: The day is so full that you look forward to jumping into bed at its end even before it's begun. You need a break from the chaos and a place to revive so you can get up and do it all again tomorrow. You also want a place that’s just for you, away from kids, pets and the rest of the world. Moody colors are a transformative way to turn your room into a private retreat that inspires passion and restorative relaxation.


A sultry bedroom color palette almost always includes red. Pair a deep scarlet bedspread with a glossy black headboard. Paper the wall behind the headboard in large-print black-and-white damask. Flank the bed with mirrored Art Deco-style side tables. If you have small children, beware of the sharp corners typically found on such tables, which are usually covered in thick glass. When you use heavy colors like black and red in decor, always use decorative finishes that are reflective to keep the room from being oppressive during the day. Keep complementary draperies open while the sun is up, so that the room is still bright.


Moody bedrooms don’t have to be swathed in dark colors and velvet. Try a white and grey color palette featuring furniture made from rich wenge wood, which has a dark chocolate tone with an expressive black grain. During the day, the room integrates with the rest of your modern decor, but at night, the white communicates an invitation to lie back and relax. Install uplights around the perimeter of the room and add candles – battery-operated for safety – to milk glass votives, and the room is suddenly a flirtatious stage for romance.


Embrace your inner peace-loving flower child with a seductive Bohemian color palette. Mix Asian-inspired wood furniture with a rich magenta wall color. Cover your bed with purple silk and gold thread linens, and toss a few gold and burnt orange meditation pillows on the floor at the foot of your bed. Alternatively, combine a wrought-iron bed frame with a mustard-yellow and white duvet against a malachite-colored plastered wall. Pick jewel-tone lampshades and accessories to complete the look. Beware of objects adorned with beads and tassels that can be enticing choking hazards for little ones.

Moody Blues

Combine navy and gold for a chic traditional palette, or take a plunge into a monochromatic blue-on-blue scheme using every shade from a pale blueish grey to a deep navy. When decorating with deep blue shades, amp up the drama by painting the walls a flat navy and the trim a glossy white. Indulge your dramatic flair by pairing clear acrylic bedside lamps with a gilded headboard and a sapphire duvet. Set an emerald green settee in the corner under an ornate floor lamp for a reading nook that coordinates perfectly. For a brighter color combination, pair navy with a bright orange or hot pink. If you want a lighter color palette, mix cornflower blue with charcoal grey. Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, and the room is instantly an intimate retreat from the outside world.

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