Spending time with your teen daughter is an investment in her future.

Mother and Daughter Activities for Teens

by Cheryl Stephenson-Hearns

As your teen matures and becomes more independent, you can begin to feel left behind. To stay connected to your daughter, find activities that interest you both. Then, set aside a special time -- ideally at least once a week -- to get together, do what interests you and enjoy each other's company in the process.

A Mother-Daughter Book Club

Books can teach us so much about human nature and ourselves. Share the experience of reading and discussing a really great book with your daughter. Better yet, start or join a book club together. If you want to start your own, simply invite other mothers and daughters in your social circle to read the same books. Take turns having the daughters choose a book and then having the mothers choose the next one. Have monthly meetings to discuss the books. You might take turns gathering at your various homes, or choose a cafe or bookstore to meet.

Relax at a Spa

Indulge in some girl time with your daughter. If your budget is tight, opt for simple mani-pedis. If you have more money and more time, spend an entire day relaxing and getting pampered together at a spa. If money is no object, take your daughter on a spa retreat for a weekend or a week where you can escape reality and spend quality time together.

Take in the Great Outdoors

There is something about being surrounded by nature that often brings out the best in us. If you enjoy being outside, suggest a mother-daughter camping trip. If, however, you don't relish the thought of sleeping among insects and no running water, you can also enjoy each other's company in the confines of a local park. Pick up light lunches or snacks to share as you chat and stroll through the park.

Share a Hobby

Sit down for a brainstorming session with your daughter to see if there is a hobby that both of you would enjoy taking up. The options are endless. If you are interested in learning a new skill, look for local classes in cooking, cake decorating, jewelry making, photography or painting. If you enjoy gardening or just like flowers, you might want to plant an herb or flower garden together. Sharing the work and reaping the benefits of fresh herbs or beautiful blooms is a pleasant bonding experience. If you are both philanthropists at heart, spend time volunteering at your local hospital or animal shelter together. The key to any activity you choose is to do it together.

Get Fit or Stay Fit Together

There are few things that make a person feel as good as physical activity. Staying active is important for our minds, bodies and spirits. Schedule at least 20 minutes of exercise three times a week with your daughter. When it gets difficult, motivate each other to succeed. Supporting each other this way will lead to a deeper respect and bond between you. You might choose indoor activities, such as water aerobics, yoga or dance, or outdoor ones like hiking, biking, running or cross-country skiing.

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