Toddler hand prints make a lasting memento for moms.

Mother's Day Crafts for Two Year Olds

by Molly Thompson

Moms rate pretty high on most 2-year-olds' lists of favorite people, so it's easy to get them interested in making something for Mommy's special day. Keep in mind that their interest and enthusiasm far outstrip their attention span and motor skills when it comes to crafts, so find something quick, simple and fun. At this age, you'll have to help your 2-year-old with most aspects of any craft. Having your materials ready to go before you start and selecting a time when your toddler is rested and in a good mood will increase the chances that your craft session will be a success.

Greeting Cards

Your 2-year-old has probably seen people give and receive cards on special occasions, so convincing her to make a card for Mother's Day is not a hard sell. Give her some crayons and construction paper or card stock. At this age, her drawing is likely to be a blur of color or a collection of random marks, but acknowledge her efforts and help her sign her name inside. Glitter and stamps with ink are a mess at this age, but if she wants to make her card more special, let her use stickers of her favorite flowers, animals or story characters.

Nature's Gifts

It's hard to beat a craft project that includes playing in the dirt, which makes plant crafts a natural choice for Mother's Day. Most 2-year-olds don't really have the patience to plant something from seeds and wait for it to grow, but they can help you plant small purchased flowers in little pots of dirt. Use festive sturdy paper or plastic cups -- maybe even ones your 2-year-old has decorated with crayons -- as your flower pot, then help him spoon dirt into the cup. Add a small flower from a flat of inexpensive plants and help him pat down the dirt.

Messy Hands

Messing with paint or wet plaster is right up there with playing in the dirt for most 2-year-olds, so crafts based on their hand prints work well with this age group. Little hand prints can be turned into pictures of trees or animals or cut out to arrange in a wreath shape. Or use quick-drying plaster or modeling clay as a base for a permanent memento of little hands that can be colored or signed when it's dry. Attach a wire hanger or ribbon to it so your 2-year-old can hang her special gift on the wall for Mom.

Picture This

Kids love to see pictures of themselves, and these also make great gifts for proud moms. Use a picture of your 2-year-old as the focal point for a one-of-a-kind craft project sure to put a smile on Mom's face. Help your 2-year-old color or paint a simple wooden frame or make one from craft sticks. Use this to display his picture. Or glue pictures of your 2-year-old to the center of colorful construction paper flowers. Paste these to craft sticks or pipe cleaners to make a bouquet of smiling blooms.

Precious Jewels

Stringing beads is an activity most 2-year-olds have mastered and typically enjoy. Watch your 2-year-old carefully so she doesn't put the beads in her mouth, but let her do this activity on her own as much as possible. Give her an assortment of large beads, colored cereal loops or pasta tubes of varying colors and textures. Tie a knot in one end of a cord or piece of yarn, then show her how to string the first item. Let her create her own patterns or array of beads to make a necklace or bracelet for Mom to enjoy on her special day.

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