Actress Natalie Portman wears a red dress and diamond necklace to the 2012 Academy Awards.

What Necklace Goes With a Red Dress?

by Danielle Jennings

Finding the proper accessories for your dress can be one of the most fun and yet most tedious parts of the dress-shopping process. Jewelry is one of the essential accessories that can take a dress from drab to fab in a flash. When wearing a vibrant red dress, ensure that your jewelry -- in this case, your necklace -- enhances the color of your red dress.


The combined colors of red and gold are a beautiful match made in style heaven, as these two colors complement each other quite well. Opting to wear a gold necklace with your red dress is equally opulent and sophisticated because the two primary colors have a regal quality that makes them look expensive. Another benefit of wearing a gold necklace is that, regardless of what shade of red your dress is, the gold plays off of various crimson shades in a flattering manner.


A more understated alternative to wearing a necklace made of gold, a silver style also complements a red dress. A great thing about silver jewelry is that it is not quite as flashy as gold, so wearing it during the day time or to the office is a stylish way to accessorize your red dress without drawing too much attention. A silver necklace would look best with darker shades or red, as bright crimson tones combined with silver can easily read too "holiday."


When it comes to pure sparkle and statement, there is no better jewelry accessory than one that is made of diamonds. A diamond necklace instantly grabs the spotlight and gives your red dress a fabulous stage in which to shine. A diamond necklace itself is flattering to any shade of red dress; however, it has certain sizes and styles that should be taken into consideration. An oversized necklace can read gaudy and overdone if worn during the day or at work -- so for those times when you need to be more conservative, opt for a smaller diamond necklace.


Funky fashionistas are probably the first ones to jazz up their red dress with accessories that pack on an abundance of color -- and that's exactly what a colored gemstone necklace can do. Deciding to go against the style grain and pair your red dress with a contrasting (but equally bright) gemstone is a way to make a definite style statement. Gemstone necklaces in ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst are just a few of the myriad of gemstones that can be paired with your red dress to gorgeous effect.

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