Parents of autistic toddler should set aside time for playtime with their child.

How to Not Lose Your Temper With Autistic Toddlers

by Jaime Vargas-Benitez

Autistic children are just as much of a blessing to a parent as non-autistic children. Though sometimes the behaviors they exhibit can be extra challenging and difficult to handle. Parents should be realistic in their expectation of themselves and their autistic children. Autistic children are individual in their needs and behaviors and require a great deal of patience and understanding. Through proper education, therapy and bonding, parents can retain their patience while working through the toddler years with an autistic child.

Raising a Toddler With Autism

Learn as much as possible about autism. WebMD says parents of autistic toddlers should educate themselves on common autistic behaviors. This way, the parents have an idea of what to expect and they can better retain their patience when their child acts out. Read books like, "Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew," by Ellen Notbohm. WebMD recommends parents ask doctors as many questions as possible. The site also says parents should seek out the support of other parents of autistic children. Parents can seek out local support groups to find other parents with whom they can relate. This support system helps parents remain calm with autistic toddler behavior.

Find non-verbal ways to connect and communicate with an autistic toddler. Even though a child is diagnosed with autism, she still needs to have fun like a non-autistic toddler. The non-profit organization, Help Guide, recommends parents look for ways to have fun with their autistic child. They say the most opportune time for this is when the child is most alert and attentive. Help Guide says these times are when the child will be able to enjoy the activities without behavior issues. This bonding and connection time eases the stress of dealing with autism daily, and helps parent-child bonds and patience levels.

Choose the right therapies for an autistic child. Autism disorder is a spectrum disorder, thus, children with autism can function at vastly different levels from one another. Parents who have their child in proper therapies will be more patient with their child, according to the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Parents feel more in control through being proactive with the child's treatment. The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute says, proper therapies help the autistic child through routine and structure and decrease unwanted behaviors. Parents also gain new tools for remaining patient while speaking with their child's therapists.


  • Seek out help when feeling overwhelmed. Friends and family can help lend a hand when a parent needs a break in order to regain her patience.


  • If you feel like you cannot remain patient with your child immediately seek professional help.


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