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How to Take Off a John Deere X500 Mower Deck

by Jill Kokemuller

The John Deere X500 is available with either a 48- or a 54-inch bright yellow mowing deck. If you need to remove the mowing deck for any reason, such as changing the cutting blade, you do not need to call a professional to do it for you. Perform a few steps and the mower deck will slide right out from under the machine. When it is time to put it back, reattach the deck by performing the same steps in reverse.

Park the mower on a solid, level surface. Turn off the mower. Allow the engine to cool if necessary.

Disconnect the negative wire on the battery so the mower can't start accidentally. Wear gloves and eye protection when disconnecting the battery.

Remove the locking pin from each wheel, one at a time, to rotate the wheels on the mower deck so they are perpendicular to the mower. Replace the pin to lock the rotated wheel in place.

Lower the mower deck to the lowest position. If your mower has lift assist, hand-pull the lift pedal all the way back to lock the lift lever.

Hold the metal retaining rod on the top of the mower deck. Rotate the rod counterclockwise to disconnect it from the retaining bracket, pushing the rod toward the rear wheel of the deck as far as possible to reduce the belt tension.

Remove the drive belt located between the top of the mower deck and the engine from the belt pathway so the mower deck is not still attached to the engine by the belt when you detach the deck arms later.

Replace the tension rod in the retaining bracket.

Pull up on the deck handle slightly and pull the pin on the rear arm of the deck to release the deck arm that holds the deck to the mower. There is one pin on each side of the mower.

Find the draft arms on the right and left front of the mower deck. Remove each rod from its bracket on the edge of the mower deck. Lift each arm so it is tucked close to the deck.

Slide the mower deck from beneath the mower.

Items you will need

  • Operator's manual
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Wood blocks (optional)


  • Place wood blocks under the left and right deck edges to hold the deck off the ground when you release the pins if you do not lift with the deck handle, and then remove them before you slide the mower deck from beneath the mower.
  • Follow your mower's instructions for leveling the deck when you replace it to ensure even cutting.


  • Wear heavy gloves if you will be working near or handling the mower blades.

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