Spice up your desk with easy decorations made of office supplies.

Office Supplies Made Into Christmas Decorations

by Jenna Fletcher

You may want to bring some holiday cheer to your home or workplace office by making unique Christmas decor. Or, perhaps you are simply looking for inexpensive ways to make Christmas decorations with your children. Spice up your home or office space this holiday season with innovative decorations made from easy-to-find, inexpensive office supplies. These decorations, made from everyday items, are an ideal way to include your children in a Christmas craft day.

Copy Paper

Use inexpensive copy paper as the base for holiday decorations. Photocopy a Christmas sweater or any design with a holiday pattern on it. Make color double-sided copies of the item, and cut the paper into stars or circles. Punch a hole at the top of the paper and tie a string or ribbon through the hole. Repeat the process to make as many as desired; hang the paper ornaments on your tree. Help your younger children cut the paper into strips and make a festive, patterned paper chain.

Tape Flowers

Use red and green duct tape or even masking tape to fashion festive flowers. Fold a piece of tape to make a 3-by-3 inch square with the sticky part on the inside to create a flower center. Fold in half a strip of tape about 6 inches long, leaving one side a bit longer, with some of the sticky side exposed. Attach the sticky exposed part of the folded tape to the center portion of your flower. Repeat until your center piece of tape is surrounded by tape petals. If you're using masking tape, color the petals red and the center green using permanent markers or pens. Unravel a paper clip and hook it into the back of the flower. Display the flowers in a pencil jar or hang from your mantel or tree.

Sticky Note Christmas Trees

Make a green sticky note Christmas tree by folding the notes into thirds, with each piece still having a piece of adhesive. Attach the sticky note strips to a foam craft store cone in rows, starting from the bottom and working up. Ensure the rows overlap each other. Repeat until you cover the entire cone. Decorate your tree with a paper-clip garland and paper ornaments. Get your little ones involved by letting them lay out the rows of sticky notes or decorating the tree.

Sentimental Paper-Clip Garland

To make a paper-clip garland, simply hook paper clips through each other, forming a chain. Repeat until the chain is your desired length. Glue wallet-sized photos onto a medium or large hole-punched manilla tag. Decorate the area around the picture on the tag, using red and green pens, markers or stickers. Slip the string of the tag around a paper clip. Repeat until you are satisfied, spacing out the tags so they do not overlap.

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