Use a funnel when you refill your Yard-Man's oil tank.

How to Get an Oil Plug Off a Yard-Man MTD Lawn Mower

by Mary Lougee

Regularly changing engine oil in your lawn mower extends the engine life by providing better lubrication and reducing friction on moving, internal parts. Clean oil carries heat away from hot areas in small engines that function with high-revving and increased operating temperatures. Removing the oil drain plug allows the old oil to drain from the motor so you can replace it. MTD Yard-Man products includes an oil drain tube with lawn mowers to make oil changes faster.

Run the lawn mower engine for a few minutes. This warms the oil and raises sediment from the bottom of the engine.

Park the lawn mower on a flat surface. Turn the engine off and allow the engine to cool for a few minutes. Lift the hood on a riding mower and pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug to protect you from accidental starts. The spark plug is visible on a push mower.

Hold a paper towel in one hand and remove the oil dipstick with the other hand. Wipe the dipstick off with the paper towel and set the dipstick on the paper towel aside. Removing the dipstick allows air to enter the tube and speeds oil drainage.

Snap the small end of the oil drain tube on the oil drain plug. The tube fits underneath the oil drain plug, snaps upward, and is a chute for the oil to drain out of the engine. Place an oil drain pan or other catch basin directly under the larger end of the oil drain tube on the ground.

Turn the oil drain plug counterclockwise, using an adjustable wrench to loosen it, and pull it straight out. Reposition the catch basin or oil drain pan, if needed. Set the drain plug aside.

Replace the oil drain plug and tighten it clockwise with an adjustable wrench after all the oil drains from the crankcase.

Fill the mower with fresh oil and change the oil filter.

Items you will need

  • Paper towel
  • Oil drain tube
  • Oil drain pan
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Oil filter
  • Oil
  • Funnel


  • Clean the underside of a lawn mower after each use to extend the life of the deck and prevent rusting. Removing grass, leaves, debris and excess grease reduces fire hazards.
  • MTD lawn mower maintenance schedule requires checking the engine oil level before each use and after 10 hours of use. Change the oil after 50 hours of use to keep it clean and extend the life of your engine.


  • Dispose of spent oil and oil filters where children and pets cannot reach them and according to your local laws and regulations.
  • A loose oil drain plug allows oil to escape the crank case and leak onto the engine. Excess oil can heat up and smoke or burst into flames in the presence of debris.

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