Let your daughter choose a travel-size bag that showcases her personal style.

How to Organize Your Girl Emergency Kit

by Danielle Crandall

From unexpected periods to disastrous hair situations, there are no limits to the emergencies your daughter may encounter at school. To help her better prepare for these unexpected situations, put together an emergency kit that she can keep in her locker, desk or backpack. Grab a cute little bag and fill it with the essential items she'll need to combat various problems.


An assortment of common health items for minor issues is key to her emergency kit. A spare pad or tampon doges an embarrassing moment at school, while a handful of cough drops can soothe a sore throat or cough that would otherwise be a nuisance in class. If your daughter wears contacts or glasses, keep a spare contact case with eye solution and an extra pair of eyeglasses in the kit. Add a small pack of tissues and a couple of bandages, too.


Basic hygiene products allow her freshen up in the middle of the afternoon with little hassle. A small bottle of hand sanitizer keeps her germ-free, while a mini bottle of lotion keeps her hands moisturized throughout the school hours. After gym class or an outdoor homework session, a stick of deodorant and a mini plastic perfume bottle or body spray can tackle odor. For after lunch, a tin of breath mints or a pack of gum freshen her breath, while a container of floss will keep her teeth clean.


A combination of makeup and hair accessories help your daughter ward off unexpected fashion emergencies. Due to limited space, it is best to stick to a few makeup basics and favorites such as lip balm, lip gloss and powder. A small mirror can also be included to put on makeup or fix hair problems. In terms of hair, a miniature hair brush or comb can be a lifesaver, along with hair elastics, hair pins and a headband. A small bottle of hairspray or serum can also help combat difficult hair situations in a crunch. In case of a wardrobe malfunction, such as a broken shirt button, throw in a couple of pins so she can fix the problem in a pinch.


To guarantee your daughter is prepared for a myriad of situations, there are some odds and ends that will complete her emergency kit for school. Include a small amount of spare cash to cover lunch costs, bus fares or other expenses. For those times in between meals, a small snack such as a pack of crackers or a granola bar can be a welcome treat if she needs to refuel. It is also useful to pack an extra pen to use as a replacement in class. And be sure to prepare a list of names and contact information for emergency purposes.

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