Using containers to hold smaller items can help keep your wall unit's shelves neat and organized.

How to Organize a Room With Wall Units

by Jennifer Blair

Adding a wall unit -- or two -- to your family room, home office or living room can be an ideal way to maximize storage space in your home. However, when you're dealing with units that have many shelves, it can be difficult to keep them neat and organized. That doesn't mean that you're doomed to a room with messy, cluttered wall units, though. If you plan your wall units' layout carefully, you can create plenty of organized storage that makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Create Zones

When you’re thinking about how to arrange items on the wall units in your room, the best way to stay organized is to create zones for specific items. Grouping like items together makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and to customize storage options for those specific items. For example, you might dedicate one of your wall units exclusively to books. Another might hold your video discs, DVDs, video games and other home entertainment equipment. In a child’s playroom, use a couple of shelves for books, another for board games and puzzles, and another for baskets that contain smaller toys.

Use Containers

While larger items such as books or video discs are easy to store neatly on a wall unit’s shelves, smaller items can present a challenge. For example, if you leave the charger and cords for your cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices just sitting out on a shelf, it can look messy. That’s especially true in a child’s bedroom or playroom where small toys and games pieces can look especially cluttered sitting out on a shelf. Instead, use containers to organize smaller items on your wall unit. Baskets are an ideal option, but plastic bins and fabric storage cubes also work well. To make it even easier to organize your wall unit, label the containers so you know exactly what it’s inside without having to look.

Assign Areas

If the room with your wall units is a space shared by multiple members of your household, it may be easier to stay organized if you assign a shelf to each member. It’s an especially effective way to organize a wall unit in a shared children’s bedroom or playroom, since kids can get upset if their belongings are mixed up with those of a sibling. To make it clear whose shelves are whose, consider color coding them. You can use baskets and bins in different colors for each family member, or line the shelves with contact paper in different shades so everyone knows where their belongings go.

Opt for Adjustable Shelving

When you’re storing different types of objects, a wall unit with shelves that are all the same size may not be the best option to accommodate items in different sizes. Instead, opt for a unit that features adjustable shelving that you can customize to fit your needs. You might need larger shelves for books and smaller shelves for baskets or other closed storage containers. Adjustable shelving also allows you to easily rearrange your wall unit if your needs change or you want to move items around.

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